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Youtech Partners With Cybba to Revolutionize Modern Marketing


Scottsdale, AZ, July 6, 2022 — Leaders of Youtech and Cybba are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that solves complex challenges with a fresh approach to marketing and advertising. The alliance is effective July 1, 2022.

Youtech, a leading digital marketing agency, achieves incredible results through powerful, data-driven services. Its trail-blazing efforts and comprehensive offerings help diverse brands adapt to changing environments and drive continuous value.

“Cybba and Youtech have similar cultures which makes this collaboration more impactful”, said Wilbur You, Youtech’s CEO and founder. “Our clients come first, and we’re proud to announce a new commitment that improves customer engagement and empowers both clientele. Together, we’re driving innovation to streamline services and provide more opportunities than ever before.”

Joining forces with Cybba offers efficient services to better serve clients. The companies will provide clients with customized services, proprietary processes, and advanced digital capabilities in OTT and programmatic advertising. This partnership aligns various digital marketing solutions to improve website traffic, drive conversions, and optimize customer insights.

In partnering with Youtech, the Cybba team said, “This is a strategic decision to continuously offer our clients the best advertising and marketing strategies. We feel strongly that our partnership with Youtech will continue to drive the best results possible. In addition to Cybba’s services, clients will have access to a full-funnel suite of campaigns including SEM, SEO, and video/ audio asset creation.”

Youtech & Associates Inc. (“Youtech”) is a leading, full-service digital marketing agency providing solutions to brands of all sizes. Bootstrapped in 2012 with an investment of just $600, the agency has since become an award-winning powerhouse serving over 2,000 clients, completing over 5,000 projects, and generating over $1 billion in client sales worldwide. With nearly 80 professionals across offices in Chicago, Scottsdale, and Dallas, Youtech is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing firms in the country. Get the results you want with Youtech.

Cybba Inc. (“Cybba”) is a global, technology-enabled service provider utilizing personalized digital marketing and data analytics to improve conversion efficiency. Its unique approach to consumer engagement enables online growth by optimizing every stage of the customer journey with a suite of digital marketing solutions. Cybba’s advanced strategies include in-depth customer segmentation, digital display advertising, onsite optimization, and email remarketing technologies. Take back your time with Cybba.

About Youtech: At Youtech, we know you are the kind of people who want to be proud of your online presence. In order to reach that goal, you need a marketing plan that produces results. The problem is that most businesses fail to meet their potential, which makes you feel frustrated and stressed. We believe that good businesses deserve to grow. We understand what it feels like to be embarrassed for underperforming. That’s why we’ve helped over 1,000+ customers turn their marketing around.

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