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Your Smart, Simply Guide to Relocating When You Own a House

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What if relocating as a homeowner could be easy and stress-free?

Buying a house is often a headache, and relocating when you own a house can be even worse. But by following a few quick tips, you can make the entire process smoother and less stressing.

Wondering what those tips are? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Ask About Assistance

Most of the time, you are relocating because you or your partner got a new job. Your very first step should be asking the new job if they offer some form of moving assistance.

If they do offer assistance, it may come in many forms. This includes everything from offering a flat cash fee to covering costs for movers, flying, shipping your belongings, and so on.

Of course, it’s possible that the answer is “no,” but it doesn’t hurt to ask. You want to explore all the options when it comes to relocation, especially those that can save you some money.

Realistic Pricing

Relocating means selling your house. Unfortunately, the math on this is not as simple as you think.

Many homeowners think “I bought it for $200,00 and made $20,000 in renovations. Therefore, it’s worth $220,000.”

In a seller’s market, you may be able to get that price and then some. But if the market has fluctuated (think about 2008), your house may not be as valuable as you think it is.

Our advice here is to be realistic about your pricing. See what surrounding houses are selling for and set your price accordingly.

Also, consider that a lower price may equal a quicker sale. This could be preferable to setting the price high and then having to wait for years before it sells.

Find a New Place First

This next step should go without saying, but in the stressful hustle of moving, many homeowners forget that they need to find a new place first.

We recommend renting instead of buying (more on this below), and you need to start finding a place to rent as soon as you know you are moving. Think of this as “optimistic thinking.”

This is because your home may sell quicker than you were expecting. That’s usually good news, but if you don’t have a new place to live lined up, then you may be scrambling and end up somewhere you hate.

Pack the Clutter

You know all those personal items and knick-knacks you love so much? To a prospective home buyer, those look like messy clutter.

As soon as you know you’ll be relocating, try to pack up all the small things that you can. Afterwards, try to keep them out of sight in places like garages or storage sheds.

You want to get your home ready to show to prospective buyers as soon as possible. Plus, once you make the sale, you’ll already have some of your things packed up.

Schedule Movers Early

How many movers are in your town? The real answer to this question is always “fewer than you think.”

A new job typically has a firm starting date. Once you know what that date is, you need to immediately schedule some movers to get everything out of your old home.

If you wait too long, your local movers may be too busy and you’ll have to do everything on your own. And some movers may try to charge a premium for last-minute scheduling.

Finally, scheduling movers far in advance gives you the best selection of services. This means you can get competitive prices and not have to settle for who is available.

Prepare to Rent

You have two basic options when you relocate: you can rent a new place or try to buy a new home. We recommend renting.

Here’s the real talk: it’s almost impossible to get the timing of selling your old place “just right.” It may sell so fast you have to scramble, or it may take far longer than you expected.

If it ends up taking a long time, you won’t want to juggle multiple mortgages. You also don’t want the stress of having to buy a whole new home as soon as you get to a new town.

Renting is also a great way to save money. If you and your partner are willing to move into a small place, you can enjoy a low rental price while you wait for the old place to sell.

Move Furniture Last

There are many schools of thought when it comes to house relocation. In our humble opinion, you need to make your furniture the last thing you move.

First of all, you may need that furniture. If you pack it up first and still have to stay in the old place, you’ll have no place where you can sit!

And if you are still trying to sell the old place, furniture helps homes sell quicker. This is because a furnished appearance helps buyers imagine how the place would look if they were to move in.

So, saving furniture for last is good for buyer and seller alike!

The Need for Speed

Not all real estate agents have the same skills. And in your situation, you need to hire someone with a reputation for speed.

Do your homework and find out which agents in your local area sells homes quickly. Some of the top agents may sell homes in under two weeks.

Keep in mind that flexibility with pricing may be key to making a quick sale. And like we said before, you may be better off selling for a little lower than being stuck with the house for an extra year or two.

Relocating When You Own a House: The Bottom Line

Now you have the top tips for relocating when you own a house. But do you know who can buy your home as quickly as you need?

Bonnie specializes in buying houses “as is” and on the date that you choose. To see how we can help with your relocation, reach out and contact us today!

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