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WiFi in Hotels: Should You Provide Guests With Free Internet Access?

Does your hotel offer free wifi to its guests? 

If not, you may want to reconsider. Free internet access may be the key to getting good reviews and having return customers. In contrast, not having free wifi may be costing you customers and destroying your reputation.

But what is the importance of wifi in hotels? If you offer a paid version or a temporary wifi option, isn’t that enough? 

You’d be surprised. Keep reading to learn about why we think that free wifi is the best option for your hotel and your guests alike. 

It’s Essential For Business Travelers and Remote Workers

For many hotels, business travelers are the most frequent kinds of guests. People who travel for business love the ease of hotel stays and they often have company compensated lodging. 

Your business travelers need to have reliable internet. Sure, they may be willing to pay for it, but when other options offer it for free, who are they going to choose? 

This is also true of anyone who works remotely. These workers may be on a leisure trip but they’ll still want to get work done while they’re enjoying themselves. If your hotel doesn’t cater to them you won’t get their business.

You’ll Have Better Online Reviews

When customers see “free hotel wifi” they’re going to be interested. Some people search specifically for “is there wifi in hotels?” to get the hotel that they’re looking for.

Hotels without free wifi may experience upset reviews that will mention this problem. Bad reviews are bad for business. It’s not worth it.  

You’ll Get More Return and Word of Mouth Guests

Word of good hotel service travels fast, and people are happy to share their experiences with friends and family. 

When a guest knows that you cater to all of their internet needs they’ll be more inclined to come back next time they take a trip. Plenty of travelers return to the same locations every year and they’d love to have reliable lodging so they don’t have to plan and vet hotels over and over again. 

If you want your guests to come back to you, you should look into hospitality wifi solutions as soon as possible. 

It’s No Longer a Luxury

Let’s face it: wireless internet is no longer a luxury. It’s as essential as electricity and people need it to go about their daily lives.

Whether they’re working or updating their blogs and social media pages, people expect wifi to be available. It’s available in coffee shops, restaurants, and many other places that customers frequent. Why wouldn’t you offer it to your valued guests? 

It’s time to get with the times. You wouldn’t have a room without other utilities, right? 

Wifi In Hotels Is Necessary 

Wifi in hotels is no longer considered a bonus or special treat. When all of the hotels around you are offering free wifi you’re going to stick out as the “bad option”. You’ll lose guests to your competition. 

If you want to do better it’s as easy as finding good wifi solutions for your hotel. Don’t let your hotel fall behind the times. 

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