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American Consumer Right Association Unveils 2023 American Consumer Major Corporations Awards Results


United States, January 02, 2024— The results of the ‘2023 American Consumer Major Corporations Awards (ACMC Awards),’ organized by the American Consumer Right Association (ACRA) and managed by the American Consumer Assessment Inc. (ACAInc.), have been officially released. The ACRA defines major corporations as those emphasizing consumer-centered values, building a distinctive brand image, and gaining trust and recognition from consumers. Core evaluation criteria include the voluntary sharing of consumer experiences related to actual purchasing behavior towards the evaluated corporations.

The goal is to showcase major corporations leading the growth of core industries closely tied to consumers, enhancing both consumer and corporate perceptions, and conveying positive feedback from consumers to corporations. This empowerment enables consumers to access a diverse array of superior products and services from various corporations.

The evaluation process for the 2023 ACMC Awards, conducted from September to November, involved analyzing substantial data from major portals, app stores, and other sources. This process encompassed a diverse array of products and services, with sample selection grounded in the daily lives of consumers and close industry sectors. Specialized analysis followed, focusing on detailed fields and sectors.

The comprehensive evaluation considered factors such as product/service quality satisfaction, brand awareness, customer communication satisfaction, and overall assessment. Notably, product/service quality satisfaction involved a detailed evaluation based on keywords extracted from reviews written by consumers who had voluntarily shared their experiences with the products and services during the consumption process.

Brand awareness assessed how well consumers recognize the corporation’s brand and the level of that recognition, reflecting the proportion of consumers positively evaluating the image conveyed by the corporation or brand.

Customer communication satisfaction evaluated how closely corporations communicate with consumers throughout the entire consumption process, based on excellent customer service, and assessed whether consumers receive satisfactory responses and communication, strengthening the bond between the corporation and consumers.

The spokesperson for the ACRA stated, ‘In the rapidly changing market landscape, by recognizing and highlighting major corporations that have received high praise from consumers for outstanding products and consumer-centric services, we aim to bring businesses even closer to consumer satisfaction. This not only benefits corporations but also provides consumers with quality information about enterprises that offer the best products and services. We plan to conduct and announce these Awards annually in the future.

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