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Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review

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  • Product Name: Knowledge Broker Blueprint
  • Developers: Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi
  • Price: $1.997 (Payment Plan Available)
  • Verdict: 100% Worth It. 
  • Official Site >>> KBB  Live Webinar Training Registration   
  • Enroll Period >>> Cart Opens 28th of February –  March 9th

Today, many people make money selling knowledge. Anyone who is an expert in one field or another can make a fortune selling their know-how to their students online. If you are a good teacher and a good motivator, you can have a high paying career teaching what you know to others. Blogs, books, online courses, and especially mastermind groups can all make fortunes for their creators.

Health and fitness experts frequently make a lot of money by selling their knowledge. If a person is in excellent health, or else is successful in business, they can make money teaching online courses about these subjects. Experts in sales, web design, cryptocurrency, and a thousand other fields make money creating online courses. If you create a mastermind group instead of an online class, you can make even more money.

What is a mastermind group?

While everyone is familiar with online courses, mastermind groups are not yet as well known. Mastermind groups have always existed. A mastermind group is simply a group of people that come together to solve their problems by sharing knowledge.

The term mastermind group dates back to the 1920s when famous self-improvement author Napolean Hill first used the term in his classic book The Law of Success. Hill noticed that many successful Americans (Ford, Edison, Bell, Roosevelt) belonged to groups of like-minded individuals that he called mastermind groups.

In 1937, Napolean Hill published his still famous book think and grow rich. His later book elaborated on the concept of a mastermind group. If a group of people all work together and share their knowledge, it is as if they all function as one mind, which he called the mastermind.

Napolean Hill argues that successful people have always been part of mastermind groups. Joining a mastermind group is a normal part of being a successful person and is often necessary for success. Hill states that even Benjamin Franklin was part of such a group, and recognized the concept of these groups.

Some people sell knowledge by creating blogs and using them to advertise products, or by writing and selling books. Others make money from their knowledge by creating online courses. Others start their own mastermind groups and charge money to those who want to join. This is very different from, and often more profitable than teaching courses online.

A mastermind group can be partly online. However, the best mastermind groups still involve meeting in person. If your mastermind group is purely online, you will not be able to charge as much money as if your group meets in person.

While one can make money selling knowledge in many ways, the best option might be to create your own mastermind group. Selling membership in one of these groups can be more profitable than selling an online course of the usual kind. A mastermind group is an opportunity to network with other people that have a similar goal. Joining such a group is appealing enough that many people who do not pay for online courses are willing to pay for membership in mastermind groups.

The best part of starting your own mastermind group is that the market is not saturated. With online courses, you have to work hard to differentiate yourself from other people selling courses on the same topic. If you create a mastermind group instead of an online class, you will have fewer competitors. If you create a mastermind group, you can take advantage of a rapidly expanding and underserved market.

What is Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB 2.0)?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an online course that will teach you how to create your own mastermind group and to sell knowledge in other ways. Tony robins and Dean Graziosi created the course, so it is the work of two very famous people who made careers out of teaching others how to succeed.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a top-end course for anyone who wants to sell their expertise, mainly by starting a mastermind group and selling memberships. The course will teach you how mastermind groups work, how how to promote a new mastermind group, and how to impress your customers to attract more people in the future.

Is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course already available?

In 2019, the first version of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course became available. More than 20,000 people signed up for it, so the success of the course is already proven. In 2020, there will be a new version of the course, known as KBB 2.0. The 2020 version of the KBB course is probably the most hotly anticipated online course in history. Robins and Graziosi have improved the course from its initial form and are likely to get even more than 20,000 people to sign up in 2020.

What is included in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course?

The knowledge broker blueprint is a massive course that will teach you everything you need to know about how to start a successful mastermind group. You have to be able to come off as a credible expert in some field that people are interested in, but this course will teach you the rest of what you need to know.

The course includes six different modules, all of which were created by experts and will take you through the stages of developing a mastermind group that people will want to be part of. The price of the course also includes MindMint software, which is already an invaluable tool for those running online businesses of this kind.

The six modules are:

  1. Mind Mastery
  2. Extraction & Discovery 
  3. Marketing & Mastery 
  4. Generating the right Leads 
  5. Running Your Event With Confidence 
  6. Knowledge Consultant & Reporter 


The first module, “extract it,” deals with planning your business and its early stages. Only after you have a solid plan can you attempt to make any money. Tony Robbins introduces the first module with some mindset and motivation that is good for building such a business.

During the first module, you will learn how to plan. You will put some thought into what expertise you have and how you can sell this knowledge to others. You will also learn how to identify the demographics that your clients are likely to have and how you can reach out to them.

Tony Robbins will also teach you about the power of storytelling and how one needs storytelling skills to succeed in this business. You will also learn all about creating exercises for those in your mastermind group to do.

The second module, “fill it,” is all about promoting your mastermind group to people willing to pay for it. Here you will learn all about marketing, sales funnels, and how to design your website so that people are most likely to buy your course. A marketing expert will teach you how to market your content to others.

In the second module, you will also learn about how to host events for your mastermind group. You will learn about the advantages of appearing in person as well as online if it suits your strategy. You will also learn about how to use email and social media for marketing your mastermind group.

The third module, “run it,” is about the later stages of creating a mastermind group business. While the first stage is about planning, and the second stage is about marketing, the third stage is about how to lead a mastermind group.

The third stage is all about leadership. Robbins, Graziosi, and Russell Brunson will teach you all about excellence in leadership. You will learn how to make your customers truly benefit from your mastermind group so that more people join and sales increase.

The run it module will also give you a list of things you need to prepare before you can launch your mastermind group. You will learn what makes an online or in-person mastermind group succeed and what makes a group fail.

The fourth module, “the knowledge broker,” will teach you how to sell knowledge for other people. Knowledge brokering is about working with someone else on a mastermind group, not creating a mastermind group yourself. This module will teach you how to convince an expert that you can help them sell their knowledge to a paying audience.

The four modules also offer more general advice that is good for running any kind of a business, or even for all of life’s tasks. The first module, for example, includes some of Tony’s best advice to beat stress. Tony also talks about discovering your superpower, and about why it is that emotion makes marketing more effective.

While much of the knowledge broker program is specific, much of it is more general. Tony’s story-teach-tool method of selling is useful for selling anything to anyone, in person or online.

What is Mindmint software?

MindMint software is a complete software solution for building or helping someone else create a mastermind group. MindMint software helps you do everything related to mastermind groups. You will not have to plan things out using general software that was not created with mastermind groups in mind. MindMint software has a specific purpose.

With MindMint software, you can process payments in whatever way you want to handle them. People will be able to send you money to unlock access to your mastermind group, and the software will process payments for you. You can charge what you want and accept what methods of payment you want.

You will also be able to design and event according to an effective formula with this software. As well as designing events, you can use the software to build a website that will get the reader’s attention and encourage sales. You can look at checklists to know how much there is left to do before you reach your goal. Mindmint software also offers excellent tools for tracking your customers and sales.

Anyone serious about starting a mastermind group should use MindMint software. There is no other software available that is specifically for creating mastermind groups.

Who are the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Creators Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi?

Tony Robbins is a legendary motivational speaker, perhaps the most famous life coach in the world. Robbins is best known for his 1987 self-help book Unlimited Power. Since then, he has written another best selling self-help book (Awaken the giant within, 1993) and hosted many seminars each year.

His seminars encourage audience participation. They include things like fire walking, physical activity, and massages. Robbins is a believer in positive thinking, which he teaches in his books and seminars. Robbins also teaches about health, which he links to deep breathing as well as exercise.

More recently, Robbins has been interested in cryptocurrency. He has been educating his fans about the pros and cons of investing in Bitcoin since Bitcoin became well known.

Robbins sees Bitcoin as something socially positive and as impressive new technology, not merely something to speculate on. He hopes that Bitcoin or currencies like bitcoin could become more secure than ordinary currencies in the future. If a bank fails, you can lose your savings. Governments can also choose to print money and ruin the value of their country’s money. Robins points out that if you own Bitcoin, you have complete control of your money at all times.

According to American Express, Tony Robbins is one of the six most influential business leaders in the world. He has worked with many other rich business owners and with professional athletes, teaching them how to compete and succeed as he does.

Tony Robbins is also known as a philanthropist, who put much of his fortune into the Tony Robbins Foundation, which helps the homeless and other vulnerable groups. He also donates much money to many other charitable causes.

While Dean Graziosi may not be quite as much of a household name as Robbins, he is nonetheless rich and famous. He is not only a New York Times best-selling author but has published several books successful enough for the New York Times bestsellers list.

Like Robbins, he is a professional motivator. He trains people in real estate and trains people in motivation for life in general. Graziosi appears on television and in front of a live audience as well as in his books.

Graziosi got rich because he grew up poor. His childhood poverty taught him that one of the best things money can buy is being free of worry about money. He started a firewood business as a teenager, and then went on from there to an auto mechanic shop before he was twenty years old. He then moved on to the real estate business, where he made his first few million dollars.

Today, Dean Graziosi has a video series, online courses, a few best selling books, and is frequently seen both on television and on stage. Like Tony Robbins, Dean has changed countless lives with his ability to teach and inspire.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russel Brunson is one of the most famous internet marketers in the world. Most people reading this article have heard of ClickFunnels; it was Brunson who came up with the concept. He has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, and he has even more readers and admirers. Even if you do not know much about him, you probably understand some internet marketing terms and strategies that he created.

At age 12, Brunson rightfully knew that his career was going to be in advertising. He would study advertisements at that age, learning how to get the viewers’ attention for just long enough that they remember the product and buy it at a later date.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, he experimented with business ventures in his teens. Brunson was an athlete as well as a businessman, becoming a champion wrestler. He was able to become rich and famous over the last ten years but putting discipline and energy into many different activities.

Brunson began making money online in 2003 when he succeeded at selling software for directing traffic to websites. He then began selling nutritional supplements, instructional videos, services, and everything else he could use his skills to market. Only a year after graduating from college, he had made his first million dollars.

Brunson’s real fortune comes from his ClickFunnels company, which is now a 100 million dollar business. In spite of already being a large business, ClickFunnels is still growing very rapidly. Brunson started using strategies similar to ClickFunnels when selling a variety of products online.

Pros & Cons Of Knowledge Broker Blueprint


One of the best things about the KBB course is that you get access to in-person, closed-door training sessions. Not all of the events that Tony Robbins and the other people involved are available to the public. Some are only for an exclusive audience that you can become part of if you purchase the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course.

The four modules are very detailed and will help you succeed if you are serious about starting a mastermind group. Again, if you are looking for help in creating a mastermind group, this is by far the most advanced course available.

The KBB course also gets you access to a closed Facebook group that is only for members. Not only will the course give you information, but it will provide you with an opportunity to network. You will be able to get in contact with other people that are creating mastermind groups and learn from their successes and mistakes.


Knowledge Broker Blueprint is only for those who are serious. If you intend to create a mastermind group or help someone else do the same shortly, Knowledge Broker Blueprint is for you. However, it is not for people who are merely considering starting a mastermind group at some point. The course is too expensive for those who are merely curious.

As well, the course is so expensive in part because there are no comparable courses for it to compete with. It is not possible to take a $200 course that is almost as good as this $2000 course is. If far less pricey and not obviously inferior courses are released soon, the cost of the KBB course will have to go down. They will not be able to continue to charge this much money for the course after cheaper alternatives appear. On another level, the course might still not have any direct competitors in a few years or more.

What are & Who Uses Masterminds

Mastermind groups are not the same thing as classes. A class and a mastermind group are very different. In a class, there is a teacher, tests, assignments, and grades; a mastermind group is not like this. A mastermind group is also not merely a class without tests or grades.

A mastermind group is also not about a single person teaching a group of people how to do something. Mastermind groups are for people who already have a lot of experience, not for those who are just starting to learn. Therefore, the members of mastermind groups are often rough equals. Everyone can contribute to the discussion. Everyone is assumed to be a minor expert, so there are no teachers and no students.

A good mastermind group is supposed to let everyone have the rest of the group’s attention on occasion. There is not supposed to be a single person who knows what the right and wrong answers to each question are. Each member of the group is supposed to be able to share some knowledge, even if they might disagree with others. For this reason, mastermind groups usually are not huge. Larger groups can work sometimes, but smaller groups tend to be more true to the theory of a mastermind group.

Mastermind groups are for successful people in many different fields. You do not have to be interested in teaching people to improve themselves to join a mastermind group. Most people that attend mastermind groups are not professional motivators like Tony Robbins is. Whatever your field is, there is probably a mastermind group for it already.

Why Should You Enroll in Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course?

One can make a fortune if they can create or help someone else create a mastermind group. People are willing to pay thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars a year to be part of a mastermind group with an excellent reputation. Successful people know that a mastermind group can teach them to make more money. They are, therefore, willing to spend hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars a year to be part of such a group.

If one is selling books, they can sell thousands of copies and still end up with a relatively small amount of money that even a very unluxurious lifestyle will quickly use up. Online courses vary significantly in how much they cost and sometimes cost relatively little even if many others are comparable to in-class higher education. Online courses cannot always be sold for much. Memberships in mastermind groups are worth the most, vastly more than books and generally much more than online courses.

Today, mastermind groups are a huge market. People spend billions of dollars per year on mastermind groups. If a person already has some initial success in business and now wants to shoot for fame and fortune, they often sign up for a mastermind group. Mastermind groups are something that successful, well paid, and competitive people take seriously.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Pricing


It does cost almost $2000 to sign up for the KBB course, not exactly a decision one can take lightly. In defense of the high price, understand that the knowledge broker blueprint course is only for those who intend to start a mastermind group or some other knowledge selling business soon. The KBB course is not an informational course for those who have some interest in the subject and a vague idea that they might start a mastermind group at some point.

The price does not prevent people from signing up for the course. More than 16000 people paid for the course back in 2019, and a higher number of people are expected to sign up for KBB in 2020. The course is only for those who are serious.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Facebook Community

The live Facebook community is part of what makes the KBB course worth its price. The live Facebook community allows you to network with other people that are interested in starting mastermind groups or at least selling their knowledge. The four modules will answer many questions, but will also create others. You will finish the KBB course wanting more information. The live, members-only Facebook community is where you want to go to answer the new questions you will have.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint course is taught by three legendary and not merely slightly famous people who made careers out of teaching other people to get rich. If you are actually planning to go into business selling knowledge for yourself or for another person shortly, this course is worth its price. If you are already in business as someone who sells expert advice, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint will help you start making more money almost immediately. Then again, it will not help you if you are not putting your business plans into action.


What is the KBB method by Tony Robbins?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a strategy that Tony Robbins used to get rich. He wants to teach this strategy to others. The KBB method is a strategy for selling what you know to others. Not only can you sell knowledge for yourself, but you can sell knowledge for someone else. If you are not quite a real expert in your field, but you know someone who is, you may be able to make money selling knowledge for them.

What is the KBB triangle?

The KBB triangle is three different ways to make a profit selling knowledge, whether you are an expert or not. You will have to take the 2020 version of the course to find out about the KBB triangle in detail.

How much is Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

The course costs almost $2000. Not exactly cheap, but the course is for those who want to get rich by creating or helping to create mastermind groups. The people involved – Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson – are better at teaching other people how to get rich than arguably any other three people in the world.

Do I have to pay the full $1997 all at once?

No. It is possible to break the payment up over time to make it easier for more people to afford it. Most people who enroll in the course use these payment plans.

Can you sign up for the KBB course at any time?

If you want to participate in the current 2020 version of the course, you have to sign up by May 13th at the latest.

What do you do in a mastermind group?

In a mastermind group, you brainstorm, share knowledge, and discuss strategy. If you join a mastermind group, you are supposed to teach as well as learn. Some people may be experts in the field to a greater extent than you are, but you probably still know something that others do not.

Feedback and constructive criticism is an essential part of the experience. It is fine to be politely negative about another person’s ideas. Not every idea is of equal worth after all. Some ideas are straightforwardly right, others dead wrong, most in-between. If you believe that another member’s opinion is wrong, you can disagree. Over time you will end up with a list of best practices that the whole group can agree on. You will, therefore, have a more accurate understanding of what to do and what not to do than any book could give you.

Is it worth paying $1,997 for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s 4 Module Training Course called, “The Knowledge Broker Blueprint”?

Absolutely, as long as you are serious about creating a mastermind group. If you can successfully create such a group, you can easily make immensely more than your investment back. You do not need to have a huge number of people join your mastermind group to make a lot of money from it by any means. You can make money from a mastermind group even if it has relatively few people in it. You can make a fortune from membership fees to mastermind groups. And if you are serious about starting, the program will greatly boost your chances of success. Nowhere else is there is a comparable course on creating a mastermind group, nor is comparable software available anywhere else.

At most, you can make tens of millions of dollars by creating a mastermind group. Mastermind groups that bring in tens of millions of dollars a year exist. Some people manage to charge thousands of people tens of thousands of dollars per year for membership in these groups. Russell Brunson, who created much of the KBB course, runs a mastermind group that makes 30 million dollars per year. It is worth it as long as you are serious about following through with your plan. It will not work unless you are serious. You are paying for an opportunity to learn from the best.

Can I use the program for any number of times?

You can take as long as you want to finish the course. You do not have to log on at a specific time to see training videos. Instead, the videos can be viewed at any time from anywhere, on any computer where you can log in to your account.

You can certainly also use the program as many times as you want. If you make it to the end of the program, you can go ahead and go back to the beginning and go through the content again. All of the modules are yours for life.

While there is a lot of content available in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program, you can slowly get through it even if you spend only a few hours a week on the course. You may have a thousand other activities competing over your time, and you can gradually complete the course at a slow pace if you choose to do this.

I’m outside the USA, can I still join your program?

Yes, thankfully, you can join the program regardless of where you live. Online courses tend to be available anywhere, and the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is no exception to this rule. Students on all continents enroll in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course. The course has students in almost 100 different counties.

Is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course only for those who want to create mastermind groups?

Not always. While the price tag suggests that the course is best for those serious about starting a mastermind group, others take the course as well. The course is all about selling knowledge. Not everyone who wants to sell knowledge wants to be involved in mastermind groups. One might sell their expertise in many other ways. One could take the course if they are interested in selling online courses rather than mastermind groups. Or, they might even be writing a book or a blog and take the course. Much of the course relates directly to mastermind groups. However, much of the course is also more general and useful for anyone interested in selling knowledge.

Is there actually a great deal of money in selling information?

Very much so. A hundred billion dollars worth of information is sold every year. Every minute, people spend about 5000 dollars on info products, according to Forbes. People spend hundreds of millions of dollars a day to buy information. This does not even include formal higher education. Hundreds of millions of dollars a day is what people are willing to spend on information that is not part of the college education system.

The world is becoming different – just as uber changed how we travel around our cities, online courses are changing how we learn. Probably formal higher education will still be popular for many decades, but it will have to compete with other sources of education that people sometimes prefer to spend their money on.

Should one enroll in this course now, or wait for cheaper alternatives?

Cheaper alternatives might not appear for years. We might assume that someone else is working on a much cheaper course of comparable quality, but years might go buy with KBB remaining a unique course. As well, the alternatives to KBB might be of low quality.

There is also the fact that the KBB course offers software. Anyone who intends to offer a comparable course will have to write a new software program that is roughly as good. Years might go by without there being any alternatives to this course. If you could benefit from the information now, and you can afford $2000 (through a payment plan), you should probably go for it. Stay away from it if you cannot afford it or if you are not likely to use the information to make money any time soon.

What are some examples of how one might sell knowledge?

If one is already making money with a particular skill, they may find more money in teaching it than in continuing to practice it. At first, they may supplement their income by teaching, and in the long run, most of their money might come from teaching their skill.

A professional photographer might do better selling their knowledge than continuing to sell photographs. The photographer could start a blog about photography, use the blog to sell books, and go from there to selling online courses. A photographer might even start a mastermind group for professional photographers.

You do not have to sell knowledge about something you do for a full time living either. You can sell knowledge about hobbies that you do not make any money from. Or, you can sell knowledge about skills that you use to earn extra money, but don’t do full time.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can get all of your money back as long as you ask for it within thirty days.

Can one finish the whole course in a day or two if they put enough time into it?

No. There is way too much content for anyone to be able to finish the course in one weekend. It is best if you go through the course gradually, giving each lesson some time to sink into your brain before you move on to the next one. You will learn less if you rush through the content, and even if you rush through it, you cannot finish it in one day.






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