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Wichita KS Real Estate Market

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The Wichita real estate market isn’t as competitive as many other cities in the U.S, but it has heated up over the last few years. As of March 2022, Wichita homes for sale were on the market for about 34 days before selling, giving homebuyers a significant opportunity to put in their offers. There were 943 homes for sale in Wichita sold in March 2022, which is 282 more than the amount sold back in 2021.
The most popular housing type you’ll find in Wichita is single-family detached homes for sale, with an average price of around $239,900. If you are looking for condos or townhomes for sale, College Hill and Downtown Wichita are where you’ll find them, with an average price of around $97K.

Wichita Average Property Prices

  • Average detached home listing price: $239,900
  • Average townhome listing price: $97,250

Neighborhoods In Wichita KS

Whether you want to live in the center of the action or have acres of farmland on the outskirts of town, there is a neighborhood in Wichita waiting for you to call home. There are many homes for sale in Wichita KS to choose from in various neighborhoods in Wichita, but here are the top ones that people are moving to:

  • College Hill is located just east of Downtown Wichita, and it provides excellent parks, unique homes, and a close-knit community. You’ll see many annual events in the neighborhood throughout the year, from an Easter Egg Hunt to a Holiday Lights Trolley Tour. If you want to be close to the action while still experiencing the small-town feel, College Hill could be a great place to look.
  • Crown Heights is a suburban oasis where a majority of residents own their homes and live in well-established subdivisions. With an overall A+ rating for schools, housing, family-friendly living, and diversity, Crown Heights has a lot to offer. In addition to green spaces and parks, Crown Heights has a lot of restaurants, amenities, and other nightlife to experience. This neighborhood brings a bit of vibrance to rural living.
  • Indian Hills Riverbend provides a true suburban feel for residents who live here. There are several coffee shops, eateries, and small businesses in Indian Hills, making it the ideal location for young professionals.
  • Courtland is one of the best places to live in Kansas, with excellent housing options and above-average schools. Here you will find a diverse mix of Wichita homes for sale in subdivisions and homes along the main roads, so homebuyers have a wide number of choices. It’s one of those neighborhoods where you can walk to the park on a Saturday and ensure you will run into someone you know.

Schools In Wichita KS

Not only is Wichita an excellent city for higher education, but it also offers top-notch PreK-12 schooling. The Wichita Public School District has 54 elementary schools, 15 middle schools, and nine high schools to choose from. In addition, the district offers three K-8 schools and 15 specialty program schools. Here are some of the top schools you’ll have access to in Wichita:

Elementary Schools

  • Wheatland Elementary
  • Circle Greenwich Elementary
  • Bostic Traditional Magnet Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Robinson Middle School
  • Allison Traditional Magnet Middle School

High Schools

  • Andover Central High School
  • Northeast Magnet High School
  • Andover High

Colleges and Universities

  • Wichita State University
  • Newman University
  • Friends University
  • WSU Tech

Things To Do In Wichita KS

Parks and Recreation

No matter which Wichita neighborhood you live in, there is sure to be a park nearby. Some are complete with skate parks, others with disc golf fields, and others with lakes or ponds to play in. Some local favorites include O J Watson Park, Sedgwick County Park, and Linwood Park. If you’re searching for a spot to take your pooch, the Meridian Dog Park has a number of large leash-free areas for your dogs to play around in!

Shopping and Dining

Downtown Wichita is the place to be if you’re looking for an extensive shopping experience. Between local retro shops and large shopping centers with franchise stores for miles, Wichita has all that you need. If you are into antiques, the Old Town Farm and Art Market provide unique treasures that you won’t see anywhere else. The market is every 2nd Saturday of the month, which is considered “small business Saturday” in Wichita.
Wichita offers a lot when it comes to dining. On every corner you’ll find a coffee shop, unique restaurant, or charming eatery to try out. The city has a vast history when it comes to creating great dining and eating experiences, as huge chains like Pizza Hut, White Castle, and Freddy’s were born here!

Living In Wichita, Kansas

Medical Access

Wichita is the medical hub of Kansas, offering general and specialized care for residents all over the state. Wesley Medical Center is one of the top-rated hospitals and care centers in Kansas, and you can find everything there, from maternity wards to emergency services. Hunter Health Clinic also offers a wide array of services, including dental, behavioral, nutritional, and counseling services. For quick, non-emergency care, Wichita Urgent Care is a popular medical center of choice.


Wichita’s economy was once highly dependent on the aviation and agricultural sectors. Those industries are still in action today, but Wichita has embraced the tech sector and manufacturing in more recent years. In fact, Wichita has more people working in STEM than 95% of the places in the U.S. As a growing metropolis and the largest city in Kansas, there are a plethora of job opportunities here. Wichita has a pretty even mix of white and blue-collar jobs, and it is a popular place for young graduates to begin their careers.

Transportation In Wichita KS

Situated at both I-35 and I-135, Wichita is in a central location that provides easy access to other Kansas cities. In addition to the interstates, house in Wichita also has quick access to Highway 81 and Highway 54/400. If you have your own vehicle, you’ll be able to get to just about anywhere you need to go with minimal traffic. For public transit, the Wichita Transit Bus System offers more than 18 bus stops throughout the city that can take you from one end to the other. If you’re just hopping around downtown, the Q-Line Trolley can take you around the downtown area in a breeze. If you want to avoid the crowds of the trolley, you can rent bikes or electric scooters and ride them around the city.

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