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2021 Fabric Trends for the Fashionistas in the House

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2020? We don’t know her.

We’re bidding a not particularly fond farewell to the weirdest year we’ve ever experienced and looking with hope towards 2021. For fashion addicts, the year is already shaping up to be a promising one.

That’s why we’re looking at fabric trends to make sure your wardrobe is on point now you’re allowed out again!

Soft Florals

So-called cottagecore exploded in popularity during 2020 and the look doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for this year.

If by some miracle you’ve not stumbled across this aesthetic on TikTok, Instagram or Tumblr, then we’ll fill you in. This movement is all about harking back to traditional, simple, and natural aesthetics. Think of an English summer garden and you’re most of the way there.

As part of this popular fashion trend, soft and simple floral fabrics are back in. In particular, beautiful pastel mint greens and cornflower blue.

Embrace the 1990s

It’s not all muted pastels and country living like the above. If cottagecore isn’t your jam, you might instead be opting for the explosion of 90’s fashion trends over the last year.

It’s been a while since chokers and scrunchies came back into existence, but the trends have only gotten bolder for 2021 with two major 90s fabric trends: tie-dye and animal prints.

Tie-dye was one of the most searched-for trends of 2020 and remains popular for this year as well. Where it started in more muted colors, you can now embrace your full hippy with bright oranges, vibrant purples, and stunning pinks. There’s only one rule on tie-dye for 2021 and it’s the bolder the better!

Closely following as one of our favorite bold trends is animal fabrics. Though we wouldn’t recommend fully committing to Spice Girls level of bold, animal prints are back for 2021. Pair them with simple blacks, whites, and greys to give yourself a bold, but not conflicted outfit.

Textured Sportswear

It should come as no surprise that leisure and sportswear have both cemented themselves in for 2021. These fabrics are perfect for comfort and working from home attire. 

These so-called second-skin fabrics are durable, breathable, and often ribbed or embossed with a 3D look to enhance the silhouette and add some fun to athletic wear. They look great and have even been part of some notable social media trends already. 

Sustainable Fabrics

If the pandemic achieved one thing, it was a lot of reflection on humanity’s impact on the world. While people suffered throughout 2020, the earth healed a little as we stayed indoors.

As such, companies and consumers alike have been making more of an effort to make less of an impact on the planet and one way to achieve this is by using more sustainable fabrics. This includes low-impact plant-based fibers such as hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo as well as recycled textiles. 

More Fashion and Fabric Trends for 2021

2021 fabric trends are bold, wearable, and sustainable and we’re here for it. Get more tips on how to wear them and keep up to date with everything else fashion on our blog.

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