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6 Gun Safety Tips You Have to Remember

How much do you know about gun safety? Whether you’re a seasoned firearm owner or a new one, it’s critical to understand everything you can about staying safe while handling a gun.

An estimated 500 people die each year due to unintentional shootings. Most — if not all — of those deaths could be prevented by the proper safety knowledge. 

If you’re planning on buying a gun, it’s your responsibility to learn how to keep yourself and others safe. So, keep reading to learn 6 vital gun safety tips.

1. Handle All Guns Like They’re Loaded

Even if you know your gun isn’t loaded, you should act like it is. This rule goes for all types of guns that you come across! Until you can verify it yourself, handle each one as though it’s loaded and ready to fire. 

By getting in this habit, you’ll learn to be more careful with every firearm you touch.

2. Protect Your Eyes and Ears

It’s no secret that firearms are loud. They’re sometimes called “cannons” for a reason; they shoot loud explosives. To keep your ears safe from the noise, wear protective earmuffs or earplugs.

You should also wear eye protection to prevent your eyes from getting hit by shrapnel.

3. Don’t Aim Unless You Intend to Shoot

It’s crucial to be careful about where you’re pointing your firearm. Don’t aim it at anything unless you plan on firing it! Shooting a gun, even on accident, can cause significant damage to whatever (or whoever) the bullet hits.

You might think it’s okay to point an unloaded gun at someone as a joke. However, remember that you must treat all firearms like they’re loaded, so that’s a dangerous idea.

4. Keep Your Gun Stored Correctly

This gun safety tip is a must if you have children or pets in the house. Don’t ever leave your gun out in the open for anyone to freely touch or grab! Instead, it should remain locked away in a safe or gun cabinet.

5. Get the Proper Education

One of the best ways to stay safe while handling a gun is by taking a class. You can learn the appropriate shooting techniques or how to care for your firearm. If your children are interested in shooting, there are youth classes available to teach them.

Does your state allow the concealed carrying of guns? If so, make sure you attend a concealed carry class to get your permit.

6. Don’t Rest Your Finger on the Trigger

When you’re not shooting a gun, your finger shouldn’t be on its trigger. You can’t always rely on the safety mechanism, either.

It’s easy to get distracted or accidentally clench your fingers or fist. If either scenario happens while you’re touching the trigger, you could unintentionally fire.

Keep These Gun Safety Tips in Mind

If you’re interested in owning a gun, or you already own a couple, one thing is for sure. You must be responsible and learn all about gun safety to prevent accidents! Keep these tips in mind, and you should be good to go.

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