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From Under the Four Athens Umbrella

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Athens has been known for many thing, great college football, great music, even good BBQ, but high tech innovation isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think about the classic city. Jim Flannery and the fine folks at Four Athens, are trying to change that. Jim Flannery created Four Athens in the hopes of making Athens a tech hub and tapping into the large, and mostly un-utilized talent coming out of UGA. Most UGA graduates leave Athens for tech jobs in bigger cities, and Athens has lacked the infrastructure and support that many tech start ups rely on to get their footing. Four Athens is creating that infrastructure by providing everything from legal support and help with fundraising, to providing low cost office space with shared resources.

Many of the start up’s under the Four Athens umbrella are starting to take off and make a name for themselves. Vitamin C, a company that provides provides a software-based “communication supplement” (hence the name Vitamin C) to physician practices and other patient-centric organizations to increase revenue through the automated identification, contact and engagement of patients eligible for additional services, screenings and procedures, will be working to enhance the EMR systems currently used by medical providers to track all patient information. This is just one of many success stories coming out of the Four Athens collective. Four Athens currently offers mentoring, classes and workshops, as well as other resources for those interested in starting a tech based company.

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