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5 Best Photography Trends

Ready to sink your teeth into some photography trends you haven’t seen before? 2019 photo trends are all about starting new. See authenticity to more natural looks, a colorful world, and a more eco-friendly world. Welcome to a more inclusive photography landscape. Be thrilled by these best photo trends of 2019:

authentic and diverse

Authenticity and Diversity

The past few years’ ‘fake news’ movement has paved the way for content creators. They’re now publishing authentic and diverse photos. The trend is one that is inclusive to all walks of life. Think of movies from 2018, such as Black Panther, Green Book, or Crazy Rich Asians. Such successes have come from the content that the audience has been craving for some time now.
Photographers intend on being inclusive this year. They’re evolving with a rich and diverse workflow. We may see some works of art come from this year’s photo trends.

Vibrant Colors

Vibrant Color

Photo trends often dictate color trends. You may know by now that Pantone’s Living Coral was named the color for the year of 2019. Be ready to photograph and see more loud and vibrant colors in 2019. Let your photos pop this year. You’re likely to see many vibrant colors, especially from primary colors. The other plus side to the brighter color photo trend is the ability to grab attention. Grab attention on social media, blogs, and in marketing. Most users are often sensitive and more receptive to this photo trend.

eco-friendly photos

Eco-friendly travel

We depend on technology. Cities are getting larger and smart cities are popping up all over the world. We start to feel distant from the natural world. Many corporations are partnering up to be more environmentally friendly. Expect to see the same natural travel trend in photos. Millennials are becoming more eco-conscious. They are taking the environment into consideration when traveling. They’re looking to make less of a negative impact on the planet. Look for them to also have a more emotional connection to the places they go. And take photos as they travel more consciously. Look to see more nature-inspired photography because of this photo trend. Discover the ways you or other photographers can travel while offsetting carbon production.

Social Causes

Social Causes

Clean beauty, social justice, sustainability is all on the minds of everyone in 2019. We’re about to see a social cause approach to photos in 2019. Look to see more photography in eco-friendly schemes. Ethically-sourced product imagery, and sourced products are at the forefront of photography. Looking to get involved? Find what you are passionate about and create art around your social cause.

Natural Looking stock photos

Natural Stock Photos

Along with more natural photography, expect to see more natural looking stock photos. Gone are the days of super-posed stock photos. Everything is about to look more real, and more natural in many ways. Along with more natural photography comes more emotion. You will also see some more simplicity for photo trends this year. Stock photos are about to look less cliche and more natural as a photo trend this year.

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