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Perhaps you are looking at an electric scooter (otherwise known as an e-scooter), or you are thinking of getting one for your loved one. Whatever the reason, e-scooters are very popular with teenagers and young adults. One reason is that they come in so many varieties, like bikes, kick scooters, and unicycles. Each has varying levels of difficulty and power, which we’ll get more specific about below. Primarily, e-scooters are great for getting around a relatively large radius in cities and local towns. Whatever one you decide to ride, you’ll find one that looks stylish and emits zero carbon compared to motorized devices. They will still give you a significant boost in power, too. Here are several more reasons why you should get an e-scooter if you live in a city:

There Are Several Types of E-scooters

How do you prefer to ride? Are you looking to go to work or school? Are you into the skater crowd, and you want a new toy to ride? To know about e-scooters in general, you first need to know about the three types:

Electric Bikes

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Electric Bikes

There are e-bikes of all kinds. The first e-bike I owned was a cheap Ancheer bike that was powerful despite its small size. I was able to go over 25 mph on the thing, and it cost me only $300.00 retail price at the time! Other e-bikes include normal sized ones with varying degrees of power, with locomotion choices ranging from button press to pedal-assist. If you are interested in an e-bike, you’ll want one that is moddable and powerful. There are even kits available that will allow you to turn your standard bicycle into an e-bike! These are the most versatile for many types of terrain. Sports enthusiasts use their e-bikes to assist in training, while city dwellers use them to get to work and back. If you are worried about portability, some e-bikes can fold in half and carry like suitcases on the bus. You will some good examples on Amazon.

Electric Kick Scooters

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Electric Kick Scooters

There are also several e– kick scooters available on the market. These devices are perfect for students needing to get from class to class on campus. The best part about kick scooters is that they are the most portable and easy to use. No legs required. They are also great for those living in cities with cleanly paved sidewalks. The issue with some of these electric kick scooters is that most aren’t very good on various terrains. So you’ll want an e-scooter with larger tires if you think your route will be bumpy. Some zany scooters even have seats attached to them for longer rides, but I recommend you get one that has a lot of range, is easily foldable, and charges fast. After all, with e-scooters, you’re looking to grab and go.

Unicycle Scooters

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Unicycle Scooters

The last primary type of e-scooter is the unicycle scooter. Think of them like hoverboards with one, two, or three wheels located centrally instead of at the sides. These are some of the more challenging electric devices to master. As a result, they are majorly popular with the sports crowd. Check out these skateboarders inventing tricks with them! Electric unicycles are a far cry from traditional ones with pedals. The electric motors inside them do away with that. However, you can expect better control and tighter turns around when you learn how to use one. –Which is why owning one of these guys is probably the correct choice for the city dweller who wants to turn corners and avoid traffic quickly. For the working crowd and students, it’s best to get one that is portable, with GPS features and locks to prevent theft. For the skater crowd, you want an electric unicycle that is powerful enough to scale ramps. You can find some of them on Amazon.

The Advantages of All Electric Scooters

In General

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Air Wheel

The best part about electric scooters is that they are silent. You won’t disturb your neighbors with loud sounds (such as from mini-bikes or gasoline-based scooters). It’s pretty chic to own one of these devices, and you’ll be popular in your community if you’re riding this thing around. When I got my first e-bike, I had people asking me about it on the bus all of the time. –So be prepared for that. While the charge life depends on most scooters, it is typically longer than 2 hours. If you are worried about theft, many e-scooters, not just e-bikes, will have lock features and GPS tracking that you can access straight from your mobile device.

They Are Advancing Every Year

Since the invention of the segway, e-scooters have become more prominent in public life. Every year since then, they are getting more powerful. Not just the motors. Their range and durability are getting exponentially better thanks to good competition from the businesses building them. Advances in battery production also help the viability of these devices in the working world. Companies like Lime Bikes, a bike-share in the Pacific North West, are investing in them. They’ve even started rolling out their version of kick scooters for travelers too. So if you live in the area and you ever wanted to try one for cheap, you should check them out.

You Can Mod Them

Have an old e-scooter that isn’t as powerful as you’d like? Hold off on buying a new one, because you might be able to mod it. Many mods include attachments that extend battery life, allow you to travel longer, improve cosmetics, add storage capacity, and more. It may turn out to be cheaper in the long run, so it pays to research the mod-ability of your device. You can end up keeping your old one for a little while longer.

What You Need To Know About E-Scooters

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What You Need To Know About E-Scooters

So we know that nearly all electric scooters are quiet and powerful. Top pros for sure. However, be aware of the type of e-scooter you get if there a lot of hills in the area. –You’ll need to check how powerful your scooter is if you’re dealing with a lot of hills. In general, it’s best to use an e-scooter on flat terrain. Which is what a lot of cities tend to have. Discounting cities like Seattle, of course, where you have to be especially cautious, or you’ll find yourself walking or awkwardly using your legs to assist pushing the electric motor. There are no worries if you are looking at better quality e-scooters, though. On all devices, pavement is the preferred terrain (except for e-scooters specifically designed for it). If you are going to be on grass or gravel for a lot of your travel, you need to understand that this could drastically reduce the lifetime of your device.

Now that we know the basics of electric scooters, from e-bikes, kick scooters, and e-unicycle types, it’s time to make your choice on Amazon. Which one do you think will be right for you? While my old Ancheer bike had been with me for a while, I eventually switched it to an e-unicycle because I wanted to give myself a challenge. No matter what you choose, you’ll find that many e-scooters are powerful, versatile, moddable, and quiet to use. Have fun.

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