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Why Downtown Calgary’s Dentalife?


On the lookout for a Downtown Calgary dentist?


Alberta dentists are professionals and want to provide excellent care to their patients.  No matter who you choose as your dentist, be sure you have good communication with him or her and you are comfortable with any treatment you are considering.

A good relationship with any one providing health care to you is essential. We want you to understand what oral health issues you may have, and what the treatment options are, so you can make an informed decision. It’s your health–we think it’s important you understand what’s going on with it.

The decision is yours

It’s YOUR oral health. Our job as a dentist is to work with you to establish your needs and wants. AND then help you to fit those within your budget. Because that is what our patients have told us they want from a good Calgary dentist.

Whether you are looking for a better smile, have concerns about your oral health, are worried about gum inflammation, have a family history of periodontal disease, speak to Dr. Westersund or one of his team. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.

We also offer:

Dr. Westersund will go through all the options available to you and the costs. As an Alberta dentist, his focus is on the individual and your wants, concerns and needs.The decision for timeline and budget is always yours.

Book an appointment with Dr. Westersund to discuss your oral health concerns or schedule an online Meet and Greet today.

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