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Why Custom Acrylic Furniture and Designs Are a Great Idea

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For the past few decades, fast furniture companies have risen to the forefront, producing trendy but unsustainable pieces that lose function and appeal in a short time. As a result, we’re tossing about 9 million tons of furniture every year in America, alone.

As we enter a new era, more and more homeowners are on the hunt for sustainable pieces that will last a lifetime. In the long run, high-quality furniture can save us money and protect our planet.

How does custom acrylic furniture fit into the search for sustainable, timeless design staples? We’re glad you asked.

Read on to find out all of the many reasons that custom acrylic furniture is a great idea for your home, office, or just about anywhere.

Acrylic Is a Versatile Material

Acrylic, also known as Lucite, is a chemical compound that is incredibly versatile to work with. When we carefully heat acrylic to 350 degrees, we can mold it into shapes ranging from abstract sculptures to pieces of large, functional furniture. Once cooled, acrylic holds its shape and allows us to drill, machine, or saw it into its final form.

This makes acrylic one of the most customizable materials in the art and furniture world. When you want a custom piece from us, the sky is the limit.

Acrylic Furniture Is Durable

Earlier, we mentioned the need for more sustainable home decor options. Acrylic furniture is built to last and survive years of use, including heavier wear and tear. No more replacing your chair set or TV stand or coffee table every six months to a year–you’ll get years of use out of acrylic furniture.

Some acrylic furniture is so lightweight that it can be on the fragile side. We use thick, heavy acrylic to ensure that your furniture won’t crack or break under moderate pressure.

Acrylic is also UV-resistant, which means that it won’t fade or change colors in a short period of time. Even if it’s used in a bright, sunny room, it won’t start to turn that yellow color that can affect some clear plastics.

Because all of our products are made in the USA, they’re not just durable–they’re also sustainable. Purchasing your furniture from USA-located companies is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Unlike fast furniture companies, we’re never shipping pieces from overseas.

Acrylic Furniture Is a Safer Alternative to Glass Furniture

One of the reasons that many homeowners prefer acrylic is that it offers a similar aesthetic to glass without the safety concerns.

Glass furniture is extremely heavy, making it difficult to move. It is also prone to shattering, which is never good when we’re talking about chairs or other large, central pieces of furniture. If you’re looking for a glass-like aesthetic without worrying about how it might affect others in your household, clear acrylic furniture is the way to go.

Acrylic Furniture Is Perfect for Modern and Vintage Decor Lovers

When we’re customizing your acrylic furniture and sculptural work, we can take it in just about any direction you want. If the chic modern industrial look is what you’re going for, we can make it happen. If you prefer something more mid-century vintage, we can absolutely deliver.

Acrylic furniture has popped up in design styles throughout the decades. However, it’s peak came in the 1960s and 1970s–both decades that are inspiring interior design today.

In fact, no one knows how to help you achieve that incredible vintage look like we do here at Muniz. Our company was founded in 1965 and we still offer many of our original, classic designs like the stately and functional acrylic bar stool.

Custom Acrylic Furniture Makes the Perfect Statement Piece

If you’re new to the world of custom acrylic furniture and decor, you may be wondering: how do I style it? How do I incorporate these unusual and eye-catching pieces into my home?

When it comes to acrylic furniture, you’re always going to end up with a show stopper. No matter what your custom piece looks like, it will always catch the eye of everyone who enters your home. The best news is that you can completely transform the look and feel of your design with just one piece of acrylic furniture.

Because acrylic furniture is so unusual, we often rely on the adage that less is more. Let your acyrlic furniture legs or clear acrylic chair stand out and shine! When paired with a mixture of modern and vintage styles, your custom acrylic piece will tie it all together.

Custom Acrylic Furniture Examples

We’ve mentioned that acrylic is a material that is extremely versatile. As you consider commissioning your own custom acrylic piece, you may be wondering what kinds of things we can make for you. Here are just a few examples of some of the ways that you can use acrylic in your home:

  • Acrylic furniture legs
  • Acrylic chairs
  • Acrylic coffee tables
  • Acrylic bookshelves
  • Acrylic hanging shelves
  • Acyrlic side tables
  • Acrylic desks
  • Acrylic lamps, vases, and sculptures

As we mentioned earlier, the sky is the limit! The best part is that you’re not limited to clear acrylic, alone. We also offer a variety of colors to choose from when customizing your very own acrylic piece.

Bring Style and Sustainability to Your Home With Acrylic Furniture

It’s time to stop throwing away money and resources on the fast furniture industry. Makeover your home with sustainable and stylish pieces that will last for years. Custom acrylic furniture and decor is the perfect place to start.

Do you have questions about how our process works or what we can do for you? Do you want to know more about our pricing or shipping? Contact us today with any questions or comments you may have about the customization process.

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