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Surprising Explosion of Wild Seed Wellness: How Did They Do It?

Wild Seed Wellness is a Florida-based beauty company specializing in selling premium products to help with healthier hair. It was started by entrepreneur Sydney Hunt who has 16 years of experience as a hairstylist and salon owner. If you’re looking to improve your hair health with natural products, look no further than Wild Seed Wellness.


Tampa, FL, December 13, 2022 – Wild Seed Wellness is a Florida-based company specializing in selling premium products for ensuring healthier hair. They have a diverse collection of products including shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner spray. It was started by Sydney Hunt who has 16 years of experience as a salon owner and hair stylist. She knew the importance of using high-quality hair products and how much of a challenge it is to find such products.

They’ve recently launched their free ebook with stylist secrets to healthy hair. This is a great guide that’ll show you how to maintain healthy hair without compromising on your style. This is what Sydney Hunt has dedicated much of her professional life to, and now she wants to expand this to more consumers.

One thing that turns off many would-be consumers is the lack of natural and healthy hair products. That’s where Wild Seed Wellness stands out among competing brands. They provide a natural alternative to mainstream hair products that claim to help make hair healthier.

Best of all, these premium products sold by Wild Seed Wellness are affordable and therefore, more accessible to the average consumer. You can save the most by purchasing the bundle package. You can buy their products a la carte or you can buy them as a subscription. Their products are made with CBD isolate and have received much praise from customers of various backgrounds.

As Sydney Hunt puts it, “In my career as a salon owner and hair stylist I came across many clients who were concerned about maintaining healthier hair. They couldn’t find many great products and when they did, these products weren’t natural and were too expensive. With Wild Seed Wellness, I wanted to make a change. You can shop via our online catalogue and find CBD-based hair products at an affordable price that’ll ensure healthier hair.”

Wild Seed Wellness is here to make a much-needed change in the hair industry. While beauty products are prevalent, finding great products for ensuring stylish hair while maintaining hair health is sadly rare. With Wild Seed Wellness, consumers can find affordable hair products that’ll offer premium results.

You can learn more about Wild Seed Wellness through their website and you can also give them a call at 813-417-0265.

About Wild Seed Wellness: Wild Seed Wellness is a Florida-based wellness company that specializes in selling natural alternative products to ensure better and healthier hair. Started by entrepreneur Sydney Hunt, Wild Seed Wellness offers premium beauty products at affordable prices. You can inquire about their products through their online catalogue.

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Contact Name: Sydney Hunt
Business Name: Wild Seed Wellness
Address: 11107 Riverview Dr
Phone: 813-417-0265

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