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Why Are Oakley Sunglasses So Expensive?

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If you asked ten people on the street to name a high-end brand that makes sunglasses, I bet over half of them would say “Oakley.” Since the mid-’70s, Oakley has been the go-to brand for sportsmen and women around the world. But if you know anything about Oakleys, you know they’re not cheap. And you might be thinking; they’re just sunglasses. I could get the same thing from a department store for less than 50 bucks. So, why are they so expensive?


You probably know the name Oakley for one simple reason. They’re just fantastic. Worn by NFL football players, professional golfers, Olympic skiers, and everyone in between, these glasses have been tested by the most elite athletes in pretty much every sport. But they’re not just for elite athletes. The average Joe looks excellent and does their job better than any other glasses out there.


But that still doesn’t answer our question. And it’s not just the name; Oakley sunglasses do come with a ton of built-in technology that makes them much better than your typical cheap pair of department store sunglasses. They’ve been leading the way in the development of the technology used in sunglasses since their founding.


So what are some of those technological advancements? Most Oakleys come with polarized lenses, which means they help block out sunlight while making it easier to see the contrast in lighting. This combination means these glasses make it easier to see, especially when lighting conditions aren’t optimal, like when you’re doing activities on the water or snow.


In addition to having some of the best lenses out there, Oakley sunglasses are also super durable. I know more than a few people who have had the same pair of Oakleys for years without any problems with them getting broken or damaged. The premium cost means Oakley can spend more time making sure they’ve produced quality, durable products than other companies.

Both the frames and lenses are made to resist impacts, protecting your eyes from potentially dangerous material and helping them last even longer.


Another reason Oakleys are so expensive is because of the technology they’ve been helping to develop for years. They hold more than 600 patents for the materials and technology that they’ve developed over the years, and all of that innovation comes at a premium. Their latest technology, which they call Oakley Prizm technology, took 15 years to develop.


And just like a lot of other sunglass makers, Oakleys can come with prescription lenses.

Even though not all Oakleys come with these, this can increase their price even more since prescription lenses can be expensive. If you’re wearing your Oakley sunglasses with prescription lenses, chances are you paid a premium for that service, too.


Luckily for us, though, some places sell Oakleys for well under their retail price.

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