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7 Jail Bond Types You Should Know About

Is your friend or a loved one unable to get out of custody because you don’t know the types of jail bonds available to them?

Unless you have prior experience dealing with the court system, chances are, you will have difficulties understanding how jail bonds work. This is even more difficult because you must explore the different kinds of bail bonds available to you.

If you want to secure the release of your loved one or a friend from jail, then continue reading this article to know the jail bond types available to you.

1. Surety Bonds

This bond is also referred to as a bail bond. It is commonly used when an individual cannot afford to pay the set bond by officiating judge.

The bond company sends an agent to court and pledge to pay the full bail amount with a legally binding assumption that the accused or relatives will pay back. You can consider to assist you in getting your loved one or a friend out fast.

2. Property Bonds

This is a type of bond that uses personal possessions to ensure jail bail bonds are paid. The bond mainly targets large items like a car, house among others.

When this type of bond is issued, a defendant can lose their property. For instance, when they skip court appearances, the accused can lose property to cover the cost of bail.

3. Immigration Bond

Individuals arrested by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requires immigration bond to be released. The defendant pays a premium to a bond agent, and the agency puts up the remaining amount to get them released from detention.

Failure to attend all hearings by ICE, they forfeit their bond, and an arrest warrant is issued.

4. Cite Out

The arresting officer issues this bail to the accused. It serves as a court summons for allegations cited by an officer.

If the accused fail to appear in court on a specified date, it can cause more legal trouble, including a warrant of arrest.

5. Personal Recognizance

This bond is the second most desirable of all jail bond types. The judge chooses to release an individual, hoping they will show up later in courts. No bail is needed to be paid.

If you fail to adhere to the conditions, you are taken into custody until you complete a trial.

6. Cash Bond

A cash bond means that the accused has to pay the whole bond amount in cash. A judge usually issues this bond if the accused is deemed a great danger to the public or due to flight risk.

7. Federal Bonds

Federal bonds are similar to immigration ones. However, Federal bonds are issued for federal cases. They work just like regular bonds.

Use the Above Information to Evaluate Jail Bond Types Available to You

If your relative or friend needs bail, then understand that there are different jail bond types available. Each of them is tailored according to the charges the accused is facing and also their financial situation.

Make a proper arrangement with a professional bail bond agency in handling surety, immigration, or federal bonds. Understand that some situations may require the defendant to remain in jail until a ruling is made.

We hope you’ve learned something helpful. If so, then be sure to check more exciting blog posts from our website.

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