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What Is Parallax Website Design?

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If you’re looking to boost engagement on your website and direct more visitors to your call-to-actions, it’s time for you to try your hand at a parallax website design for your brand.

Although we’ve mentioned parallax website design in the past, we’ve never talked about it at length. To help you better understand the various options you have for your website’s design, we will explore in-depth what parallax website design is and the benefits of having one.

What Is A Parallax Website Design?

An increasingly popular option in recent years, parallax website design utilises different image elements moving at varying speeds to create the illusion of depth. Inspired by the 2D side-scrolling video games of old, this style of web design opened up more possibilities of varying visual effects.

By moving background of the website’s design at a different speed from the rest of the page, it affords a wide range of different visual effects that are perfect for online story-telling and promotions.

What Are The Benefits Of Parallax Website Design?

Because of its distinctiveness from the typical website designs available, parallax website design offers a higher level of interactivity and immersion for users and makes the website look fun.

Parallax website design also affords more creativity for your website, giving your brand the perception of innovativeness and ability to think outside of the box. In a highly competitive digital space, having a unique user experience sets your brand apart from your competitor’s.

With its unique interactivity, parallax website design also encourages longer visits and more interactions, in turn reducing the bounce rate of your website. Lower bounce rates for the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website helps you rank higher on various search engines, such as Google.

P.S. Sit down with SEO experts to further improve your website’s SEO rankings and start raking in the benefits in the form of traffic and conversions. 

How Should Parallax Website Design Be Used?

Parallax website design is a fantastic option for showcasing a particular product by providing users with the chance to explore and interact with a product on their own terms. This works especially well with a clean design utilising sufficient white space, in order to keep your users focused on a specific area.

Visually, parallax website design can certainly be impressive when used correctly, to make a brand appear more professional and modern. If these are two concepts that you want to be attached to your brand, this type of web design could be the right choice.

What Should I Consider Before Using Parallax Website Design?

Before you determine whether this is the right choice for you, there are a few factors to be aware of. For instance, this type of web design is not ideal for websites with heavy content.

Navigating this type of design can also be a little confusing when not implemented properly. Hence, do opt for experience web design company in Singapore that can provide a parallax website design which flows and operates smoothly.

Another important point to be aware of is that users on older browsers will struggle to view and access a parallax web design. It could be worth completing some research to determine the browsers your customers are using before moving ahead with it.

Are You Ready To Start Your Unique Design For Your Brand’s Website?

Whether you’re looking for a parallax website design, a microsite or the traditional websites, our team of UI/UX website design experts is ready to bring their creative flair for your brand’s website.

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