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When Should You Replace Door Hardware?

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Interest in home improvement has surged. With the pandemic, more people are spending time at home. It’s not surprising that searches on the internet for home improvement are up 50%.

Home improvement projects can mean major disruption and huge expense. When you replace door hardware you can make a big difference without the hassle. Read on to learn when you should replace your door hardware.

Quick and Easy Home Improvement Project

Perhaps you’re thinking that you want to make improvements to your home but you don’t want the hassle of a major project. You don’t have the cash available for a new deck or for a kitchen remodel. The chaos and dirt of a major project fill you with dread.

There are other more modest home improvement projects you could do. Replacing door hardware is one of those simple but effective home improvement projects. It’s relatively cheap and the disruption is minimal.

What’s great about replacing front door hardware is that you’ll probably use your front door every day. This means you’ll benefit from the improved functionality and appearance immediately and frequently.

Change the Look and Feel

Door hardware makes a huge difference to the look of a door. Handles, hinges and locks can make a door look modern, rustic or exotic.

Choose from Tudor, art deco, Romanesque or any number of alternatives. You can evoke the Mediterranean, colonial or shabby chic feel with the addition of a door knocker or door handle.

Change a single item such as the knocker or change all the door hardware. Bring the door in line with your other home decor choices or make your front door a statement in its own right. It might even inspire some other changes you want to make to your home.

Upgrade Quality

Check the quality of your door hardware. Does it feel robust and well made? If it doesn’t you may wish to upgrade the quality of your door hardware.

Poor quality door furniture is immediately obvious. Handles feel poorly made and lightweight. Hinges don’t operate smoothly and locks are sticky and difficult to operate.

Upgrade to higher quality door hardware that works better and looks better too. The craftsmanship that an expert blacksmith puts into the making of an item of door hardware is experienced both in its appearance and feel.

Replace Missing Parts

Does your door furniture have missing parts? Missing screws might be easy to replace but some other parts are not. A missing latch ring or a doorknob is not easy to replace and finding one that matches the other door hardware might be impossible.

Perhaps it’s time to replace all your door hardware. You can make sure that it matches.

Sticking Door

Do all your doors work properly? If you have doors that don’t open and close properly it might be time to maintain them. Any squeaking hinges or sticking locks could suggest that it’s time to replace the door hardware.

You can extend the life of the door hardware by regular preventative maintenance. Oiling moving parts regularly protects them for sticking. It also inhibits corrosion which is the main threat to continued good service.

Once the damage has been done by years of neglect, it may not be possible to return a lock or hinge to its original condition. Replacement might be your only option. Once you fit your new door hardware, a regime of regular maintenance need not be difficult and will give your door hardware a long and productive life.

Improve Security

Doors are an essential part of your home security arrangements. They offer you some protection from thieves and others who might wish to enter your home without your permission. A door with inadequate door hardware offers little protection from intruders.

If you are fearful about intruders or you’ve experienced a burglary you may wish to review your door hardware. You should check locks of course. You should also check that your hinges are robust and that an intruder can’t get access to screws to remove the hinges.

Sometimes you need to see a visitor before letting them into your home. Fitting a grill can be both attractive and useful.

During the prohibition era, illicit drinking clubs or speakeasies needed to check the identity of visitors. They did this by fitting grills to their front doors sometimes with a little door of its own. They could be closed for privacy or opened to see the faces of any visitors.

Worn Hinges

Does your door squeak when you open or close it? You’ve tried oiling it but it hasn’t stopped the annoying noise? Perhaps it’s time to replace the hinges.

When you replace hinges you’ve also got the option of adding some additional features to your door. Faux hinge straps that match your hinges can transform the appearance of your door. They can instantly create a rustic or old-world feel to your door.

Add Value to Your Home

Changing your door hardware can create an upmarket look to your door, without replacing your door. Turning a quality doorknob or handle creates the impression that you are in an upscale home. The added value brushes off on the rest of your home.

Selling Your House

Any realtor will advise you that curb appeal is important if you want to sell your home. Curb appeal is the first impression that a potential buyer gets as they approach your home. Forming a good impression is key.

Your front door may be seen from the street. It’s certainly seen, even before the potential buyer enters your home. If you want to make the most of that first impression, make your front door as attractive as possible with some great door hardware.

Is it Time to Replace Door Hardware?

Take a look at your doors. Having considered all the reasons to replace door hardware are you ready to upgrade your doors. It’s a home improvement project with big benefits for so little effort.

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