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What Type of Transmission is Best for a New Vehicle?

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With all the latest automotive technology, you may already know what type of fancy features you want in your new car. Though when it comes to the best type of transmission, do you know what to look for? The kind of transmission in these new and advanced vehicles is not something to overlook. So, keep reading to figure out what is the difference between CVT Transmissions and Gear-Type Transmissions.

The only thing you know about types of transmissions may be manual transmissions and automatic transmission. Today, we are not going to talk about the difference between manual and automatic, since that is an easy choice to make. Automatic transmission is preferred all the way!


Traditional Automatic Transmission

Traditional automatic transmissions have a few differences from the CVT. Automatic transmission work by altering the gear ratio between the engine and drive wheels, which is accomplished through the gears and clutches. The clutch controls various devices by either applying or releasing commands to create different gear ratios. Typically, you may even feel the clutch and gears as they shift.


What is a CVT Transmission?

CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission. Just like a traditional automatic transmission, CVT alters the gear ratio between the drive wheels and the car’s engine. This altering provides greater power at lower speeds and reduces power on the engine when at higher speeds. CVT transmission achieves this method through two pulleys that are variable-width which have a specific belt that runs through them. The gear ratio is altered as the belts shift within the midpoint of the pulley.

What this means for you is that your car may seem to be smoother, since you feel RPM rise as you begin to accelerate instead of feeling the gears shift. The downside to CVT transmissions is their durability and strength—they are not as strong as a traditional automatic transmission. You usually only see them in smaller vehicles and not powerful vehicles like trucks due to their limited durability.


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