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7 Best Youth Baseball Gloves For Travel & Youth Players

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Baseball is America’s national pastime and it is only growing more popular. After basketball, it is the second-most popular sport in the country. In fact, nearly 14% of kids in the United States play youth baseball.

Every youth baseball player dreams of playing in the Little League World Series. This global event draws millions of viewers and is broadcast on ESPN.

To excel, your child likely needs the best equipment or gloves on the market. Read on to learn about the best travel baseball gloves for youth and travel league players. Explore the 7 top youth baseball gloves to help your talented player perform their best and take their game to the next level.

1. Wilson A2000

Most young children want to be shortstop when they grow up. The perfect glove for a middle infielder is the Wilson A2000.

In fact, many pro baseball players use the Wilson A2000 or the Wilson A2K. This glove is available at 11-inch length and above. It is a great glove for travel players aged 9 and up.

Best for: Travel, High School, College & Pro Players
Pricing: $279.00

2. Akadema Rookie Series

Outside of the baseball community, very few are aware of the Akadema brand. It does not have the same name recognition as Easton and Rawlings.

However, Akadema is a great niche company that makes superb youth baseball gloves. Their gloves are durable and use high-quality leather. Give the Akadema Rookie Series a try and you certainly will not be disappointed.

Best for: Youth & Travel Players
Pricing: $90.00

3. Rawlings Gamer

Regardless of position, the Rawlings Gamer series is going to be a great fit. With a pro taper fit, it works well for kids with smaller hands.

It also has the Trap-Eze web pattern. Glove owners give this web pattern high reviews for making the tough catches.

Best for: Youth, Travel & High School Players
Pricing: $89.99

4. Easton Scout Flex Series

While Easton is best known for making some of the best BBCOR baseball bats, but they also make a great glove. The Scout Flex series is perfect for beginners and younger kids.

It has an extra big pocket-size to help new players catch the ball. The Flex Notch technology also makes it easier to open and close the glove. The Scout Flex also comes in a 10-inch length making it a great option for younger players.

Best for: Youth Players
Pricing: $29.99

5. Louisville Slugger Genesis

Louisville Slugger is one of the biggest names in baseball. They do not disappoint with their entry into the youth baseball glove market.

The Genesis glove features ballistic nylon mesh making it easy to break-in. On day one, young players can open and close the glove with ease.

Best for: Youth Players
Pricing: $39.99

6. Wilson A360

While the Wilson A2000 is for middle infielders, the Wilson A360 works for every position. The A360 is a 12-inch glove that is long enough for confident outfield use.

Youth players also enjoy the baseball glove fit of the A360. It has a hole for the index finger, which is a comfort feature.

Best for: Youth Players
Pricing: $49.99

7. Nokona Alpha Select

Not every glove comes from a major brand. The Nokona Alpha Select S-200 glove is one of the best youth baseball gloves produced with high-quality leather in Nokona, Texas.

It was designed for middle infielders and is lightweight. The 11.25-inch glove is durable and has a popular T-web pocket.

Best for: Travel, High School & College Players
Pricing: $279.99

A Recap Of The Best Baseball Gloves

Being a great fielder is all about confidence. Having the right baseball glove fit goes a long way. From the Wilson A2000 to the Nokona Alpha Select, each one of these gloves is a great selection.

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