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Anticipate Patient Needs with HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat to Gain Trust

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Adopt Live Chat and Foster Loyalty

The patient journey doesn’t begin and end with an office visit. Ongoing care means accessible and effective communication. Adopt Live Chat to anticipate patients’ needs and personalize their experience.

The core of patients’ needs lie in being understood. When your patients believe you’re familiar with their needs, you’ve won half the battle. Live Chat allows your agents to see what patients are typing before they submit their request.

Solidify loyalty by providing patients with options that respond to their situation. When you enable patients to connect with your agents online or by phone — without exiting the chat — you assure them that their needs will be met.

Allowing patients an easy way to connect with the same agent gives them a sense of ease. They trust that you know who they are. Patient trust and loyalty are the driver for retention and growth.

Anticipate patients’ needs and respond in real time


  • Connect with more patients more often to build trust and loyalty.


  • Build long-term loyal relationships with your patients to drive greater use of your products and services.


  • Reward returning visitors or patients with personalized messaging.
  • Answer their questions faster by seeing what they type before they submit their request.
  • Give patients the option to call the same agent directly from within the chat.


Adoption toolkit

By adopting these HIPAA-compliant chat tools, you can provide patients with an exceptional experience.

  1. Collect information beforehand with a Pre-Chat form. The form is extremely customizable. You can maximize the patient experience by collecting critical information before the chat begins. Eliminate misrouted calls and patient frustration. Give patients the option to skip the form and reduce patient wait times with Proactive Chat.
  2. Give your agents a heads up with Sneak Peak. Your team can respond more precisely if they can see what patients are typing before they hit send. Patients will see “…” while your agents are typing. If an answer takes longer than 60 seconds, you can auto-inform patients that an answer is in the works with Shortcut.
  3. Resolve complex issues quickly with the Call Me feature. Enable Call Me to allow patients to speak with your agents on the phone or online with a headset (speakers/mic) without closing the chat. Unlimited calls are allowed. Patients feel heard and agents can resolve problems quicker.

Tools for success recap

Collect key information before starting a chat with a Pre-Chat Form

but don’t require the form if they are about to leave  with Proactive Chat

Reduce patient wait times with Sneak Peek

Resolve complex issues quickly with the Call Me feature

Sample workflow

Adopt your Live Chat toolkit to build loyalty

SnapEngage offers a suite of HIPAA-compliant professional service packages designed to increase organizational efficiency, answer queries faster, and gain a larger presence with patients.

Staff and physicians spend less time searching for patient data and routing calls. Patients are safe from being trapped in the accidental run around.

The goal? Remove all patient obstacles in a less work intensive way. With chat support it’s quicker, easier, and more accessible.


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