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An Overview Of Laser Genesis

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Out of all of the laser facials that we offer, Laser Genesis is one of the most commonly requested. There is a good reason for its popularity: it is a lot more comfortable than other types of laser treatments. Even though the treatment itself feels gentle, it provides tremendous benefits. Genesis heats the tissue layers in the skin using energy from a laser. As the temperature increases, dirt and oil are broken up. The process also encourages new collagen to form and helps minimize uneven skin tone. Anyone who is new to using lasers or who has some reservations about them should consider Genesis. The process feels as gentle as getting a standard facial and is also extremely safe. Take yourself along to a Medical Spa and enjoy the benefits of Genesis.

An Introduction To Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is the name for a specific type of laser facial. This treatment, which provides cumulative results over time, is not only comfortable but also offers a lot of advantages. It relies on YAG laser technology, using a small amount of energy. The pulsing of the laser generates heat in the lower skin layers, stimulating change as a result.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Genesis?

Genesis can help with common issues like dryness and dullness. It brightens up your skin, helping it look healthy and refreshed. Along with reducing pore size, minimizing uneven skin tone, and reducing the look of fine lines, this treatment can also result in less redness from rosacea. Acne scarring can also benefit from the treatment since it stimulates collagen production. This makes scarring less visible while at the same time creating plumper, healthier-looking skin. We advise our clients at Skin Bar NYC to begin using laser Genesis around the time that the collagen in skin naturally starts to break down. Typically, this is somewhere in the middle of your 30s. This treatment method helps stave off signs of aging. Anyone over the age of 40 should definitely consider using Laser Genesis.

How Safe Is Laser Genesis?

A YAG laser is used for the Laser Genesis treatment. The wavelength of the laser is the same as the wavelength used on dark skin when performing laser hair removal. This wavelength is ideal for people with medium or light skin tones. It is also extremely safe. The process relies on small pulses of energy that gradually heat the lower layers of the skin. Increasing the temperature slowly like this makes the process safe while at the same time minimizing any discomfort. It can be used on the neck, face, and décolleté. People with darker complexions should speak with a skincare professional at Skin Bar NYC before pursuing this treatment.

What Is The Treatment Like?

A typical Laser Genesis session lasts about 30 minutes. Unlike other laser treatments, your skin doesn’t need to be numbed with creams or gels. The process starts by cleansing your skin. Next, you will be asked to put on a pair of goggles to protect your eyes. Once the treatment settings are chosen, the process can begin. The energy from the laser will make your skin feel warm and comfortable. It feels similar to the sun shining on your skin.

Do I Need To Prepare For My Treatment In Advance?

For two weeks before your treatment, you should avoid spending time in the sun. After your treatment, you should also stay out of the sun for about a week. The heat from the treatment will remain in your skin for a couple of days. To avoid any problems, don’t do vigorous exercise or go into a steam room immediately before or right after your treatment. Always wear sunscreen, both before your treatment and after it has been completed. Sunscreen will help you maintain your results.

Is Laser Genesis The Right Choice For My Skin Issues?

Laser Genesis may be beneficial if you find that regular facials aren’t having a significant enough impact. Your skin will look better almost immediately after this treatment.

IPL and Genesis are commonly confused. The thing to remember, however, is that they treat different issues. For correcting problems like brown spots or sun damage, IPL is usually the best choice. For skin that is showing signs of aging, that has lost elasticity, or that is not as plump as it once was, Laser Genesis will help you regain a more youthful look.

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