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The Best Reasons To Make a Camping Trip To Louisiana This Year.

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The Best Reasons To Make a Camping Trip To Louisiana This Year.

Are you planning a getaway this year and can’t quite figure out where to go?

Coordinating a vacation can be filled with challenges and hurdles. Whether a solitary venture or a shared experience with family or friends, you’ve got many factors to weigh when choosing your destination.

Personal tastes always matter–you don’t want to travel somewhere not everyone, including yourself, will enjoy. There’s also a matter of budget–this tends to be the primary difference-maker in choosing where you’ll end up on your getaway.

With these topics in mind, Natalbany Creek Campground Louisiana is a superb destination for vacationers looking to combine the adventure of camping with luxury.

Undoubtedly, minds often veer toward more mainstream vacation hubs like Miami, LA,  Hawaii, etc. 

These areas are tourist traps too dense with other vacationers for you to fully enjoy. Plus, the prices for these places are through the roof. 

Conversely, Louisiana camping locations are cost-friendly hidden paradises for exploration and immersive experiences.

Below, we’ll delve into some of the top reasons camping Louisiana-style is the best choice for your 2023 summer getaway.

Camping Louisiana-Style Is Cost-Efficient.

While New Orleans attracts many tourists (for a good reason, The Big Easy is always buzzing), camping Louisiana-style is more of a hidden gem. 

The higher demand for tourism in New Orleans, and its more mainstream nature, means it’s more expensive to vacation there. Sure, you can bargain hunt on hotels, but the results will be less than stellar. For a more comfortable experience, you’ll need to shell out cash for appropriate accommodations.

Conversely, camping Louisiana-style is far more affordable–you’re getting back to basics without paying inflated hotel prices.

A stay in a hotel may offer more creature comforts at a glance. However, a more rugged camping experience can ignite the spirit more than any cushy penthouse. 

Moreover, you have the choice to add luxury to your camping trip. At Natalbany Creek Campground Louisiana, we offer all the trappings for glamping. So, you’ll get in touch with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while remaining pampered and comfortable–it’s the best of both worlds.

You’re A Road Trip Away From New Orleans.

Say you’ve been enjoying the outdoors of Louisiana’s countryside for a few days, immersed in the rugged beauty of the wilderness. You may want to shake things up for an afternoon or evening to enjoy all Louisiana offers.

Guess what? New Orleans is only slightly over an hour away from Natalbany Creek Campground Louisiana. It’s a short enough drive for a day trip to explore the Big Easy and its bustling culture.

Once more, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll enjoy the rush of adventure that comes with camping, mixed with the eye-opening experience of roaming one of the most incredible cities in the country.

You might be from New Orleans and reading this article. In this instance, camping Louisiana-style offers you a convenient getaway since it’s nearby but vastly different enough from city living to provide a welcome barrier from all the everyday hustle and noise.

Experience The Wellness Boosting Benefits Of The Outdoors.

Studies indicate that spending time outdoors can reduce stress and cortisol levels.
Additionally, experts suggest spending time in nature offsets muscle tension. It also relaxes your heart rate. 

The above benefits contribute to improved cardiovascular health and generally enhanced wellness. 

So, you can enjoy a fun-packed vacation on a budget while camping in Louisiana and improve your long-term health. That’s a potent combo.

Better yet, you don’t necessarily need to exert yourself to experience these benefits–it’s not the same as working out. Sure, the outdoors is conducive to physical activities and exercise. However, just being outside and kicking back can be good for you. 

To the above point, further studies point out the benefits of spending time outdoors in green spaces can offer your mental health. For instance, a camping trip can help lower depression risks and help you recover quicker from psychological stress. Moreover, researchers believe the outdoors helps rejuvenate and bolster our mental capacities, enhancing our attention and focus. 

Camping in Louisiana, specifically at Natalbany, allows you to reap those benefits while equipped with premium hookups (e.g., water, sewer, and 20/30/50 amps setup) and wide grass sites. 

You’ll also have access to full-size laundry rooms, shower facilities, and restrooms located on the grounds with optimal convenience in mind. Our campground offers all guests high levels of comfort and security along with first-class recreation. 

Enjoy The Local Culture.

Natalbany Creek Campground Louisiana is in Amite City–a remarkable area with plenty to explore. 

For instance, our campground is only an 11-minute drive from the Blythewood Plantation/event center. The roots of this historical landmark go back to the Civil War. The property boasts timeless architecture and southern charm–found in the plantation’s stunning 18-room Colonial Revival Style mansion. You can book a tour here or pre-plan an event for a family reunion or celebration with friends.

Those seeking fun for the family will be happy to know Natalbany is also only a 15-minute drive from the Liuzza Produce Farm. 

Liuzza differentiates itself from other farms because it offers engaging, interactive, hands-on tours. You and your children (if you have any) can plant and grow vegetables. Different farm animals will be roaming around, eagerly awaiting to be petted. 

Depending on the season you camp at Natalbany, you can attend one of the many events hosted at Liuzza, including the signature Farmers Market. 

These are just a couple of examples of what you can do in Amite. We haven’t even mentioned The Global Wildlife Center or the seasonal festivals (e.g., Amite Oyster Festival). 

Indulge In The Local Cuisine.

Like much of Louisiana, Amite is known for its culinary prowess. 

For example, Mike’s Catfish Inn is famous for its heaping seafood platter (chock full of delicious oysters, crab, catfish, and shrimp) and signature iced tea. Those allergic to seafood (or those who don’t enjoy it) can choose from scrumptious sandwiches, po’boys, steaks, and veggies. 

Natalbany guests who love chicken will be happy that we’re close to Coop DeVille.

This culinary treasure is famous for its bold flavors that pack an impactful punch. 

Specifically, Coop DeVille serves the Cadillac of buffalo wings, offering 40 separate flavors. The only thing that matches the variety of tastes is the chicken’s top-tier quality. Better yet, Coop DeVille maintains these high standards with their subs, wraps, burgers, quesadillas, fresh salads, and other menu items.

Coop DeVille also has a wing-eating contest, giving you a chance to get your photo displayed prominently on the Wall of Flame. Enter this particular contest with caution, though. It’s not for the weak of heart, tongue, or stomach. 

Make New Friends In A Thriving Community.

At Natalbany Creek Campground Louisiana, our guests become part of a thriving community. There’s a sense of unity among those who spend time with us.

We’ve found many people who camp at Natalbany foster lifelong friendships. Families intermingle, giving parents and children boundless opportunities to socialize and have an all-around blast.

Our leadership does everything we can to foster this social, friendly environment. Look no further than the activities we offer on our campground. These include our swimming pool, fishing lake, mini-golf, Great X-Scape family arcade, volleyball/basketball courts, and more. 

For more adult fun, you can attend our casino nights and enjoy lively conversations with other guests as you party the night away. 

Plus, nothing attracts friends like having a roaring campfire, which we offer as well. 

Camp Through The Holidays In Louisiana.

Natalbany Creek ensures our guests don’t miss out on holiday celebrations. 

Sure, you’re away from home–but you can still experience all the joy and festivities you’re used to during any special time of the year. For example, Halloween on our campgrounds is a unique experience for the entire family. Everybody embraces the day to its fullest to ensure a memorable experience for your young ones. 

That said, we don’t need a holiday to conduct a special event at Natalbany. We have various celebrations on our campgrounds to fill in time between holidays, so our guests always have something to be excited about. 

Offerings like these make our campground the #1 option in Louisiana for families planning a getaway. The quality of your experience and overall happiness is important to us. Our everlasting goal is to make your stay at Natalbany memorable.

Book Your Stay At Natalbany Creek Campground Louisiana Today!

There’s no better time than the present to book your camping vacation in Louisiana with Natalbany Creek Campground

Call us at 985-748-4311, and one of our friendly staff members will gladly help you. They’ll take your booking details and answer any questions along the way. 

Or, you can contact us through our web page with any queries, and you’ll receive a prompt response with all the necessary information. Either way, we look forward to hearing from–and then seeing–you. 

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