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What Is the Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance? 5 Tips and Tricks

Are you looking to move across the country, or even around the world?

Facing a long distance move seems daunting. You have to bring your belongings to a completely different area and complete important steps, such as searching for places to stay or even looking for homes from a distance. It becomes even harder if you want to keep it cheap.

So what should you do if you plan to move long distance without overspending?

Fortunately, many people complete these moves every year, and there are a series of tips for making your move successful.

Keep reading for 5 tips and tricks on the best way to move long distance on a budget!

1. Consider Your Moving Company Options

When most people think of moving long distance, they picture hiring a moving company to pack up their belongings, put it on a truck, and taking it to your new destination.

If you want to take the cheaper option, though, you should consider the prices of several different moving companies. You should also consider reducing costs by packing your belongings yourself or taking as much as you safely can in your own vehicle.

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2. Move Long Distance During an “Off-Season” Time

Did you know that it’s actually cheaper to move in some seasons than others?

Many people choose to make their moves in the summer. This is because it’s a time when people have the time to get from one place to another and settle in before their children need to return to school.

Because of this, many moving companies charge more to move you in the summer. If you want to save money, consider making your relocation a few months earlier or later.

3. Rent a U-Haul

Want to know one of the best way to move long distance without overtaxing your bank account?

Take advantage of one of U-Haul’s trailers or vehicles! Renting your own U-Haul vehicle helps you save money by cutting out the price of a moving company, making it perfect for people who want to do the move themselves.

4. Donate to Charity

Do you want to get rid of some of your belongings? 

The more you have, the more it will cost you to move. You have to afford boxes, space on a vehicle, and moving supplies for everything you have. As such, you should cut costs by donating whatever you don’t believe you would use in your new home.

5. See If Your Company Will Pay for It

Have you just landed a new job?

If so, consider asking your new company to pay for the move! Some companies offer relocation packages, which include payment for your relocation.

Ready to Move Long Distance?

Are you looking to move long distance for cheap?

If you want to know the cheapest way to move long distance, look at the tips above. When you consider your moving company options, move during an “off-season” time, rent a U-Haul, donate to charity, and asking your company to pay for the move, you cut your costs.

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