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Do You Have a Pipe Leak? Here’s Why

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Is your water bill escalating without a corresponding increase in household consumption? You may have leaking plumbing pipes in your home.

The average household in the U.S uses around 88 gallons of water per person. However, a plumbing leak in the home increases water usage and translates into increased water bills.

If you have a pipe leak in your home, you should fix it immediately. Besides costing you more for water, leaks also cause water damage to fixtures, promote mold growth, and increase the risk of mold allergies and poisoning.

With these in mind, here are the top reasons you have a pipe leak and why you should contact the professionals immediately for plumbing pipe repairs.

Cracked Plumbing Pipes

Cracking and bursting of pipes is one of the leading causes of leaks in households today. Cracks occur due to the following:

  • Wear and tear
  • Poor quality piping
  • Freezing temperatures

Worn pipes are easily susceptible to damage, especially where there’s high water pressure. The pressure causes micro tears which develop into full-blown cracks, causing water to leak. If you have an old piping system, upgrade it today to prevent potential leaks in the future.

Similarly, if the piping in your home is made from poor quality material, it can lead to cracks and leaks. Invest in sturdy piping material such as high-quality PVC, metal, or galvanized steel.

During the winter, pipes are exposed to the extremely low temperatures, and this causes the water to freeze. As a result, the frozen water expands and causes pipes to burst.

You can prevent such incidences and protect your home from water damage by insulating exterior piping systems during the winter.

Blocked Drains

With most drains installed out of sight, not many homeowners clean them until there is a blockage situation in the kitchen sink or toilet.

Unfortunately, clogs in your drains do more than waste a few minutes of your time as you engage the plunger. They lead to drainage pipe leaks as well.

Clogs in the pipes prevent wastewater from flowing smoothly into the septic system. This can cause pipe bursts which can create a mess in your home or backyard.

Unless you want septic waste floating in your yard, or a backup of sewage in your toilet or sinks, regularly clean your drains to prevent blockage. Other measures you should take include the following:

  • Avoid dumping fat and grease in your sinks
  • Don’t flush sanitary products into the toilet (even if they have a “flushable” label)
  • Use a mesh screen over your shower drain to prevent hair from draining into the pipes
  • Pour boiling water into your drains regularly to keep things moving

Finally, don’t use drain cleaners with harsh chemicals. The chemicals can erode metal pipes and increase their risk of wearing out and leaking.

Degraded Pipe Seals

Interconnected pipes have seals to create a tight connection and prevent water leaks.

However, over time, due to poor seal material or age, seals suffer wear and tear. As a result, water starts to drip due to a loosened connection.

Inspect your pipe seals in interconnected areas to check for seal degradation. Most of these leaks occur in out-of-sight areas such as under the sinks. If you notice mold in such areas, the chances are you have a pipe leak.

Contact a professional for seal replacement. Also, ensure they use high-quality and appropriately sized seals for your piping system.

High Water Pressure

Your local water company supplies water at a high pressure to cater to tall buildings and fire hydrants in your area.

However, such pressure may be too much for your home. That’s why there’s a pressure regulator valve which steps down the pressure of the water coming into your home from the main line.

If the pressure exceeds a certain limit, usually around 75psi, it can cause pipes to crack and leak. Increased water pressure is usually an indication of a faulty pressure-reducing valve.

Below are the common signs your home has an alarmingly high water pressure:

  • Water leaks, from simple drips to toilets that keep running
  • Water spitting from faucets when you open them
  • Banging noises coming from your pipes
  • Sudden wear and tear of appliances such as water heaters

A professional plumber can address water pressure issues in your home and save you from incurring huge costs of pipe repair and appliance replacement.

Poor Pipe Construction

Are you noticing leaks after the installation of plumbing pipes? If so, the pipes must have been installed incorrectly, leading to points of weakness which later crack or wear.

For example, when running pipes across a bend or corner on the wall, they have to be bent as well. If the bend is too sharp, it can cause pipes to develop weaknesses. Over time, they may crack and start to leak.

Similarly, incorrectly sealed pipes also start leaking shortly after installation. Hire a professional for all plumbing work to avoid such costly mishaps.

Structural Movements in Your Home

Structural movements cause your piping system to move, jostle around, and separate. For example, if your foundation shifts or the walls move or crack, this can wreak havoc in your plumbing system.

The movement dislocates the pipes, loosens seals, and causes friction which leads to premature pipe wear. The structural movement could also be as a result of natural factors such as earthquakes.

Watch out for such incidences which may cause pipe leaks. Hire a plumber for professional inspections after an earthquake or if you suspect a shift in your property’s foundation.

Why Hire the Professional for Pipe Leak Repairs?

Why should you hire a professional if you notice pipe leaks due to the above-mentioned problems? Why not carry out DIY repairs or contact a handyman? Below are some of the benefits of working with plumbing experts:

  • Experts have the right tools to handle all plumbing repair work. These include simple tools like pipe wrenches and pliers to sophisticated ones like cameras for drain inspections.
  • Professional plumbers have experience in handling all sorts of plumbing issues. Whether you need new piping or have a clogged sewer line, they know how to fix the problem.
  • Professional plumbers are licensed, and this guarantees their credibility.
  • They carry insurance. If there’s property damage during repairs, their insurer will cover the damages and you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket or incur losses.

Hire an Expert for Pipe Leak Repairs Today!

A pipe leak can wreak havoc on your property, increase risk of mold exposure, and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Don’t wait for all these to happen.

Contact us today for professional plumbing repairs, tune-ups, and expert advice.

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