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What is in your carpet may surprise you. Sure, there is the cereal your child spilled, the crumbs from the party you had and a bunch of other items that fall in to the carpet. But, what is really in there? Why do you need to have your carpet cleaned? Aside from the obvious reason that your carpet looks dirty, there are many other reasons to clean your carpet.


Some breads of dogs can shed over one and half million skin flakes per day. That is every day. So your carpet has a bunch of dead skin in it. Ticks, fleas and mites see this as a great buffet, so they’ll want to come and stay. We as humans also shed skin and that also ends up in your carpet.

You can greatly reduce the amount of skin by vacuuming regularly. We also recommend regular professional carpet cleaning to help clean deep in to your carpets.


Although mold and mildew are best known for appearing in your shower or bathroom, it will also show up in your carpet. The issue is, you can’t see it. Mold and mildew can cause health issues. If you notice that you frequently get sick or just can’t seem to get well, the air in your home might be the issue. While some causes could be related to your HVAC system, mold and mildew in your carpet can also cause poor air quality.


Carpet odor is not something you want, but sometimes you won’t even know you have it. Since homes in Dallas, Rowlett, Plano, Rockwall and surrounding area can be spacious, you may not know you have an odor coming from your carpet. Carpet odors can be cause by pet urine, cigarette smoke and spilled food. If you put your nose down to your carpet you may notice it, but if it is in an area that isn’t heavily used, you may never notice it.

If it is there, it needs to be cleaned. Leaving pet urine, food, etc. in your carpet is never a good idea. Again, this is why we suggest regular professional carpet cleaning. We clean every inch of your carpet and our trained staff can easily spot a pet stain that isn’t very visible.

Whatever your carpet cleaning needs are, we hope you allow us to serve you in all your floor cleaning needs.

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