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Are wood sash windows worth the investment?

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Whether you are flipping a house or doing up your forever home, there’s no denying the charm and elegance of wood sash windows with their traditional profiles and ability to open vertically. The sight of these windows divided into symmetrical panes is synonymous with historic homes and stately architecture.

But beyond just aesthetics, what are the pros and cons of investing in wood sash windows for your home? Let’s weigh up the beauty and practicality.

Cost considerations – expect to pay up to 30% more for wooden sash windows versus UPVC!

There’s no getting around the fact that wood sash windows come at a premium versus UPVC, costing approximately 30% more per unit.

The material costs alone make them a pricier investment than uPVC sashes, but for many homeowners, the aesthetic benefits outweigh the higher upfront expense.

There are also labour costs for the specialist skills and carpentry involved in adequately installing and finishing wood sash windows, not to mention any refurbishment decades down the line. This adds to the overall investment.

The timeless beauty of wood sash windows – does the beauty outweigh the costs?

Wood sash windows have an enduring, nostalgic beauty, with the rich, warm tones of the wood and the delicate framing creating an authentic period look that is irreplaceable in homes from the Victorian and Edwardian era.

UPVC sash window alternatives often fall short of emulating the same refined, upscale appearance of wood, despite doing relatively well. For those seeking windows that will genuinely complement and enhance a home’s existing character, wood sash windows are a better option than UPVC.

How durable and weather resistant are they?

Wood sashes require more maintenance to keep them pristine and prevent warping or rotting over time. For example, they need repainting or varnishing every 5-7 years to maintain their appearance and performance.

On the plus side, if properly maintained, wood sash windows can outlast uPVC alternatives, providing decades of reliable use.

Energy efficiency and noise reduction

While wood sash windows offer less insulation than uPVC counterparts, new double glazing can help wood sash windows meet modern energy efficiency standards, and additional draught-proofing and weatherstripping will also prevent heat loss.

The natural density of wood dampens exterior noise better than uPVC, so wood sash windows can effectively reduce any loud street noise or sound from nearby traffic.

Security and peace of mind

The traditional sliding mechanisms of original wood sash windows can present security concerns. However, modern locking modifications allow wood sash windows to meet security standards for complete peace of mind.

While less inherently secure than modern materials, wood sash windows with reinforced locks and glass can secure homes at street level.

The bottom line

Whether wood sash windows are worth the investment depends on how much money you have put into your house. UPVC sashes are cheaper and look fantastic, but wood is a heritage material with more lavish luxury.

When weighing the pros and cons, there’s a lot in favour of wood sash windows for homes where appearance and architectural harmony are priorities. With the proper maintenance and upgrades, wood sash windows can also meet modern practical needs for weatherproofing, energy efficiency and security.

For period homes or any property where aesthetics matter most, investing in wood sash windows is likely worth the extra investment.

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