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What Is a Video Mailer?

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69% of customers would rather use video than text to learn about a product or service. It’s a more immersive, engaging medium for providing any type of information.

Video may be taking over, but other marketing methods remain effective. Mail campaigns are still alive and well. Advertisers spend $167 and sell $2,095 worth of goods per customer using direct mail.

What if there were a marketing method that let you combine the benefits of video and direct mail? Fortunately, there is.

Read our video mailer guide to learn more about this effective marketing tool, including what it is, what it does, and how to make one.

How a Video Mailer Works

Printed mailers include everything from bills to letters from charities asking for donations. They’re an effective means of sending a message, but they’re missing the visual element that customers crave.

video mailer, also known as a video brochure, is similar to a traditional mailer with one major difference. It includes an embedded, customized video message.

The visuals are played on an LCD screen. They’re small and can go as tiny as 2.4 inches. They’re high-definition. Most use the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, but you can find 4:3 versions in smaller sizes.

LCDs provide high-quality, high-resolution images and excellent color, and are energy-efficient. This makes them a perfect display medium for your messages.

Both the look and feel of your video mailer are completely customizable. You can tailor every aspect to match your brand and appeal to your customers.

Once you’ve created your mailer, you send it through direct mail. This gives you the benefits of both video and direct mail marketing.

Benefits of a Video Mailer

Videos have a variety of marketing and sales benefits, including:

  • 86% higher landing page conversions
  • 88% more time spent on your website
  • 83% more qualified leads per year
  • 157% increased organic search engine traffic
  • 53% brand engagement
  • 84% increased likelihood of choosing your product or service over a competitor

Video makes it more likely for customers to remember the information you provide them and to share it with others. It leads to:

  • 95% retention rates
  • 92% higher share rates on mobile devices

One of the most important benefits of a video is its ability to create an emotional response in viewers. This is the primary reason that they’re more likely to respond to and remember the messages it contains.

Benefits of Direct Mail

70% of customers consider direct mail more personal than an online interaction, and 54% want to receive it from brands they’re already interested in.

Sales and marketing benefits of direct mail include

  • Open rates of up to 90%
  • Read rates of 42%
  • Response rates of 62%
  • 39% of customers to making their first purchase from your brand

These benefits and more prove that your business is missing out if it’s ignoring traditional mail campaigns.

Benefits of Video Mailers

A video mailer does more than increase response, read, and share rates. It also improves user experience and makes customers more likely to keep and review your message.

Video mailers allow for interaction. Customers can adjust the volume, play, pause, and repeat it.

Customers aren’t as likely to throw a video mailer away as they are a typical piece of snail mail. This increases the likelihood of replays, which keeps them thinking of your brand.

How to Make a Video Mailer

The process of making a video mailer is similar to creating a hardcover brochure. The difference is that you need to consider how your video will be incorporated

To make a great video mailer, you need to plan out your message, ensure brand consistency, create an appealing design, consider user engagement, and allow for easy responses.

Start by determining the purpose of your message. Define a goal you want it to achieve. Examples include boosting website visits, generating leads or sales, or boosting brand awareness.

Defining a purpose will help you plan out what type of video to create and what call-to-action or CTA to use at the end. It will inform your decisions throughout every step of the process.

Brand consistency boosts revenues by up to 23%. Make sure that your video mailer matches your brand’s colors and style.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to pull elements from existing campaigns like fonts, voices, tones, colors, and images. Use them to supplement or inspire the new content you’ve created.

Make sure that everything in your video mailer looks as appealing as possible. Use high-quality images and video and create a high-quality brochure to contain them.

User engagement is a major benefit of video mailers that you’ll miss out on if you ignore UX or user experience. Create a well-designed product that evokes the right emotion in your customers and is easy to view.

Customers will judge your video mailer by its cover, so you must design it well. Make sure it uses compelling imagery without being overwhelming and provides all the necessary information.

The goal of a video mailer is to encourage customer responses, but you must make it easy for them. Clearly display your contact information, include a CTA, and track your leads.

Where to Get Help Making a Video Mailer

Video and direct mail are both effective marketing strategies, and a video mailer allows you to combine them for even more powerful effects. It increases read and response rates and creates a better user experience.

Making a video mailer is slightly more complex than creating a traditional brochure. Hiring a trusted design company to help you is one of the best ways to ensure you have a great brochure design and an engaging video.

Cards in Motion can help you make the best video mailer to engage your customers. Get a quote for our services today

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