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How to Calculate the Size of Poly Mailer for Shipping

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You’ve probably scratched your head a few times wondering how to choose the right poly mailer size for your products. I’ve been there, and I’ve got some stories and tips to share.

What is a Poly Mailer? 

Poly mailers are those nifty plastic envelopes you see everywhere. They’re lightweight, durable, and perfect for shipping a variety of items. But here’s a question I get asked a lot: is a poly mailer considered an envelope? Technically, it’s a special kind of envelope—water-resistant, tear-proof, and way cooler looking, especially if you opt for a color poly mailer.

I remember the first time I used a poly mailer. I was shipping a hand-knitted scarf to a customer, and I was worried about it getting wet. The poly mailer was a lifesaver! Not a drop of moisture got in, and my customer was thrilled.

Different Sizes and Types of Poly Mailers

When it comes to shipping, one size doesn’t fit all. Just as you wouldn’t wear shoes that are too tight or too loose, you shouldn’t ship products in ill-fitting mailers. The right-sized poly mailer ensures your product reaches its destination safely and in style. Let’s dive deeper into the vast variety of poly mailers available.

The Petite and the Mighty

Starting with the poly mailers small, these are perfect for those delicate jewelry pieces, small books, or even that surprise gift for your loyal customers. They’re compact, ensuring your items don’t jostle around too much. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the poly mailers 24×24. These are the giants of the poly mailer world, ideal for clothing items, bulk orders, or even those fluffy teddy bears.

Color Me Impressed

While size is crucial, appearance matters too. Enter the color poly mailer. These aren’t just about aesthetics. A colored mailer can be a branding opportunity. Imagine your customer’s excitement when they spot your signature-colored package in their mail pile. It’s like sending a little rainbow with every shipment!

The Long and Short of It

Ever tried shipping a yoga mat or a set of blueprints? Traditional boxes or envelopes won’t cut it. That’s where long poly mailers come into play. They’re designed to accommodate items that are long without being bulky. On the flip side, for those smaller, more frequent shipments, the 6 x 9 poly mailers are a staple in any shipper’s arsenal.

Comparison Table for Clarity

Size Best For Examples
Small (6 x 9) Jewelry, trinkets, small books Earrings, pocket diaries
Medium (10 x 13) Magazines, documents, apparel T-shirts, glossy magazines
Large (24 x 24) Bulk clothing, larger items Sweaters, stuffed toys
Long Slender, elongated items Yoga mats, posters

Whether you’re a small business owner shipping handmade crafts or a large enterprise dispatching thousands of products daily, there’s a poly mailer out there for you. It’s all about finding the perfect fit, both in size and style. And remember, the right packaging not only protects your product but also elevates your brand. Happy shipping!

How to Determine the Right Size for Your Product

The Art of Perfect Packaging

Choosing the right poly mailer size is a bit like picking the perfect outfit. It should fit just right, look good, and make you feel confident. But how do you ensure your product feels the same way in its poly mailer? Let’s break it down.

Measure Twice, Ship Once

Before you even think about buying poly mailers, grab a measuring tape. Measure your product’s length, width, and height. But don’t stop there!

  • Length: Add an extra inch or two for sealing the mailer.


  • Width: Consider any bulging sides, especially if your product isn’t flat.


  • Height: If it’s a bulky item, like a sweater or a plush toy, give it some breathing room.

Remember, it’s not just about fitting the product; it’s about ensuring it arrives in pristine condition. So, always account for:

  • Padding materials
  • Invoice or thank-you notes
  • Any promotional materials or samples

The Overstuffing Debacle

I’ll share a little story. I once tried to squeeze a bulky sweater into a mailer that was too small. Not only did it look like the mailer had swallowed a football, but it also tore at the seams during transit. The lesson? Never overstuff your poly mailer. It’s not worth the heartbreak (or the refund).

The Goldilocks Principle

Your product shouldn’t swim in the mailer, nor should it feel choked. Aim for the “just right” fit. If you’re in doubt, always size up. A priority mail poly mailer can be a great choice for those special shipments that need a bit more care.

How to Ship a Poly Mailer

Have you ever questioned, how to ship a poly mailer? Well, let me give you some tips.  Once you’ve got the sizing down, the next step is to ship your product. And trust me, it’s as easy as pie.

The Simple Steps

  1. Insert Your Product: Make sure it sits comfortably inside.
  2. Seal It Up: Most poly mailers come with a self-seal adhesive. Just peel and press.
  3. Label It: Whether you’re handwriting or printing, ensure the address is clear and legible.
  4. Ship It: Drop it off at your preferred postal service, and off it goes!

The Box-in-Mailer Question

Now, here’s a quirky query I’ve encountered: Can you ship a box in a poly mailer? The answer is a resounding yes! It’s perfect for adding an extra layer of protection or for discreet shipping. Just ensure the box fits snugly without straining the mailer.

Buying Poly Mailers: Tips and Tricks 

If you’re shipping in volume, consider buying wholesale poly mailer bags. It’s cost-effective and ensures you always have the right size on hand.

Why I Love Wholesale 

I once ran out of mailers during the holiday rush. It was a nightmare. Now, I always stock up with wholesale options, and I never have to worry.


Picking the perfect poly mailer size? It’s not rocket science! With a pinch of know-how and some handy tools, you’ll be shipping like a pro in no time.

Shoutout to The Boxery 

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