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What Do You Do in Rehab? 5 Activities That Might Surprise You


Ever wonder, “What do you do in rehab?” We have answers that might surprise you. Check out the activities no one ever told you take place in rehab.

Most people think they know the answer to the question “what do you do in rehab?” based on films or shows. You spend time talking with a counselor or peers about your addiction and how you can overcome it. There is some truth in that but not the whole truth.

You’ll spend a lot of time in a rehab facility and you can spend all of it just talking. You’ll also take part in some activities that might surprise you. Keep reading and we’ll discuss five of them.

1. Education:

Believe it or not, you’ll probably end taking some classes while in rehab. These often focus on basic life skills.

Many people don’t know how to cook, so basic cooking classes prove common. Cooking healthy food for yourself supports your recovery. You may see classes about managing your finances.

You’ll also attend classes about addiction. You’ll learn about what the current research says about the roots of addiction and the recovery process.

2. Art:

Different rehab centers approach art in different ways. One addiction treatment center may treat it as a formal therapy option and set aside blocks of time for it. Others treat it as a beneficial activity you can do during free time.

In either case, you’ll get the opportunity to try your hand at some art. You might give painting a go or stick with more basic drawing or crafts. If visual arts aren’t your thing, you can look for other creative outlets like music or writing.

3. Journaling:

The recovery process requires an enormous amount of self-reflection. Your group sessions and individual counseling sessions will often uncover facts or experiences you must think about.

Journaling provides a way for you to put your thoughts in order. It can also let you vent feelings of anger or frustration in a safe, controlled way.

Just as importantly, it’s a private activity. What you write isn’t immediately exposed to others in treatment or your counselors.

4. Role-Play:

One-on-one or group sessions where you talk and others respond plays a big part in rehab, but so does role play.

In a role-play situation, another person in your group will act as your parent, spouse, or significant other. They say things that a loved one might say to you about your behavior or addiction. Then, you respond to what they say.

You may also find yourself playing another patient’s loved one.

5. Meditation:

Rehab creates a lot of stress and meditation excels at reducing stress. It also helps you clear your mind before starting the day’s work.

That’s why many treatment centers include mindfulness meditation as a therapy. Others will simply encourage you to take 10-30 minutes at the beginning of the day for meditation.

Parting Thoughts on What Do You Do in Rehab:

The answer to the question “What do you do in rehab?” will include a lot of talking with groups and counselors. That isn’t all you’ll do while you’re there.

You can also expect some classes. You’ll probably get a chance to do some art or another creative outlet.
You may even do some journaling and meditation.

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