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Animal Behavior College Announces “The Betty White Memorial Zookeeper Assistant Program Scholarship”

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Happy 100th Birthday Betty White!

With the saddening news of Betty White’s passing on December 31st, 2021, Animal Behavior College, thought it would be most suitable to dedicate a scholarship in her memory. White dedicated her life to assisting animals in need. While she was extremely passionate about both cats and dogs, she also contributed to the wellness of exotic animals everywhere. In tribute to Ms. White and her never-tiring dedication to pets, both domestic and exotic, Animal Behavior College is pleased to announce the debut of The Betty White Memorial Zookeeper Assistant Program Scholarship.

Throughout the years, Betty White worked with many animal welfare organizations including the Los Angeles Zoo Commission, The Morris Animal FoundationAfrican Wildlife Foundation, and Actors and Others for Animals. She was a member of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association since 1974 and served on the association as a Zoo Commissioner for eight years. She received a multitude of accolades for her accomplishments in helping animals. In 1987, Betty White was awarded the Humane Award by the American Veterinary Medical Association for her charitable work with animals. Betty White funded the relocation of otters and penguins from the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Soon after, she started the Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This helped scientists better understand the spill’s influence on marine life.

Because of her contributions and endless efforts to enhance the well-being of animals everywhere, and in tribute to what would’ve been Betty White’s 100th birthday on January 17th, 2022, ABC is offering a new scholarship in her name; The Betty White Memorial Zookeeper Assistant Program Scholarship. The Betty White Memorial Zookeeper Assistant Program Scholarship, valued at $1,995 (USD), will be awarded to 1 chosen applicant every year from Animal Behavior College. To apply for the scholarship, all applicants must meet our enrolling student requirements, all scholarship terms and conditions (listed below) and submit a 300–500-word essay.

In your essay submission, applicants are to tell us why you are passionate about exotic animals, what caused you to be interested in working in zoos, and how you can make a difference with your Zookeeper Assistant Certification from ABC. Submission of all essays are due by the deadline of March 31, 2022 via email to [email protected]

This scholarship will grant the chosen future student an opportunity to pursue their passion by making a difference in animals’ lives. Working as a Certified Zookeeper Assistant gives you the opportunity to make a difference every day. Our curriculum consists of 10 stages covering a wide variety of topics essential for a zookeeper assistant including zoo biology, zookeeper requirements, animal husbandry, animal behavior, animal housing, recordkeeping, safety, and more. Apply for the scholarship today and start down your own path to help animals and “be more like Betty”.


Betty White Memorial Zookeeper Assistant Scholarship
Requirements for Applicants

Scholarship award is for the Zookeeper Assistant Program only (valued at US $1,995, cannot be traded in for cash value) including both tuition and materials.

Applicants must be 18 or older to enter. High School Diploma or equivalent is required for both scholarship application and school enrollment. Student must meet the physical requirements outlined in ABC’s Zookeeper Assistant Program enrollment agreement. Student enrollment in the Zookeeper Assistant Program is required upon the acceptance of scholarship.

The 300-500 word essay should include your full name, phone number, and email at the top of a Microsoft Word Document. Submission of the essay needs to be sent as an attachment via email to [email protected] by the deadline of March 31, 2022 in order to qualify. Animal Behavior College will read and review all submitted essays and select the winning contestant based on the most compelling essay submitted by the due date. Scholarship recipient will be chosen and announced no later than May 31st, 2022.

Please see the following Scholarship Terms and Conditions:
Scholarship Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the Terms and Conditions for all scholarships, bursaries and awards, administered by Animal Behavior College. All scholarships, bursaries and awards will be referred to as ‘scholarships’ herein. By submitting an application for our scholarship, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. You must read these Terms and Conditions in their entirety before you accept your scholarship offer. When you accept your scholarship, you are agreeing to and accepting these Terms and Conditions and agree to the requirements and conditions of your scholarship.

Students in receipt of scholarship may also be required to sign an individual scholarship and/or enrollment agreement. Students must meet all conditions as outlined in the agreement.

All correspondence between applicant and Animal Behavior College will be operated primarily via email, with the option of telephone communication, based on Animal Behavior College’s decision.

Any successful applicant may be required to show proof that they are eligible to be enrolled in our programs.
All students offered scholarships will receive an official ‘offer’ email offering the scholarship and must reply either accepting or rejecting this offer within 14 days of receipt. Failure to respond within this 14-day period may result in the scholarship offer being withdrawn and reassigned. You must accept your scholarship offer by the due date, as instructed in your offer email, to be eligible to receive the scholarship.

The total value of the scholarship offered will be outlined in the official offer email. The scholarship funds will be applied directly to your student tuition account with ABC. No funds will be sent by ABC directly to the chosen applicant.

You may not be permitted to hold more than one scholarship.

Animal Behavior College is not responsible for and cannot provide you with financial advice on taxation matters.

The information provided here is of a general nature only and does not take into account your individual financial circumstances.

Providing false or misleading information is an offense. If Animal Behavior College knows or has reason to believe that you have provided false or misleading information, Animal Behavior College may reassess your entitlement to the scholarship.

Animal Behavior College reserves the right to cancel the Scholarship program at any point. In the event that you are not able to complete the course in the allowed timeframe, Animal Behavior College reserves the right to cancel the Scholarship program due to failure of completion. Animal Behavior College reserves the right to share your application with any company affiliates, including personal information such as your email address.

Should the applicant have any grievances or complaints you may lodge complaints about application and or administrative matters to: [email protected] .

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