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Parthava Coin Launches Revolutionary Coin Project: JAGUAR Day & Night 3 Oz Silver Coin

Parthava Coin is an online retailer that sells collectible coins from reputable mints from around the world. They also create their own brand of high-quality collectible coins using state-of-the-art technology. They’re looking to expand coin collecting as a serious hobby globally.


March 1, 2023— Parthava Coin is proud to unveil its latest innovationthe Day & Night Jaguar, the first issue of the Day & Night series. With cutting-edge technology, innovative ideas, and creative design, this coin is set to change the collector’s world forever.

The Day & Night Jaguar boasts a unique combination of obsidian black and colored finish and an ultra-high relief technique, making it a truly unique collector’s item. With only a limited number available, collectors are urged to take advantage of the chance to own this remarkable coin.

This magnificent series captures the beauty of Day and Night through their visually stunning technique and images. The first issue of the series is dedicated to the JAGUAR, a large cat native to Central and South America that boasts a striking coat of rosettes or spots and a powerful build. With excellent eyesight, jaguars hunt at night for their prey, making them exceptional animal that has fascinated humans for centuries.

“This coin captures the beauty of the natural world and explores the contrast between light and dark, resulting in a stunningly detailed design that is sure to impress collectors. With its limited mintage and unique combination of cutting-edge technology and innovative design, we believe this coin will have a lasting impact on the collector’s world, ” the Parthava Coin spokesperson excitedly quoted.

The Day & Night Jaguar is minted in 3 oz Silver .999 and is 45 mm in size. This limited-edition coin is a testament to the quality and creative ideas of the Parthava Coin. The coin is manufactured in Germany using Smartminting® (Ultra High Relief) technique, which results in a stunningly detailed design that will captivate collectors.

The Day & Night Jaguar is set to make a lasting impact on the collector’s world, and collectors are encouraged not to miss out on the opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind coin. With only 777 pieces available, act fast and get your hands on this one-of-a-kind collector’s item. Be part of history and own a piece of the Day & Night series today.

About Parthava Coin: Founded in Canada, Parthava Coin is an online store that strives to provide high-quality coins to all collectors and lovers worldwide. Our team is made up of numismatic experts and enthusiasts, and we are here to share our love for coins and this community.

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