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What Are the Different Types of Cheeses That Exist Today?

Is there anything that excites the tastebuds more than fine cheese when it comes to food? With over 2,000 types of cheeses in existence today, it’s no surprise that cheese dates back over 7,000 years.

Yet, if you are new to the world of cheese, how do you know where to begin? Have no fear. Keep reading for a brief guide to some of the best cheese you will ever taste.

Every Cheese Tells A Story

The dairy industry produces fine cheese for every palate all around the globe. Often, a particular cheese will define the region where it originated.

Cheese comes in many forms, each unique in flavor and texture. They range from soft, spreadable cheeses to complex, sharp types of cheeses. There are cheeses meant to eat as soon as they get crafted. Fine cheese originates from varied sources, including milk from cows, sheep, goats, and buffalo.

Yet, it’s not difficult to find affordable cheese to please any craving. As a good place to begin, these types of cheeses are among the best dairy products you will find.

Affordable Types of Cheeses

The easiest way to introduce cheese to your menu is, to begin with, the most common, affordable cheese. These are types of cheeses you will find in a regular supermarket.

Instead of dividing them by country of origin, let’s look at the style of each cheese. 

Soft Cheeses

Brie is likely the most known of the soft cheeses. Brie is usually enjoyed at room temperature, often as a dessert. Camembert cheese has a more velvet texture and is sticky to the touch.

Of course, simple cream cheese comes plain or infused with various flavors. Unlike most types of cheeses, cottage cheese stays soft and lumpy at any temperature.

Semi-Soft Cheeses

One of the mildest types of cheeses is Muenster. Sliced or cubed, this affordable cheese has a note of nuts on the palate.
In contrast, Havarti has a sharper taste which you can enjoy with a glass of chilled white wine.

Provolone and American cheese both fall in this category.

Semi-Firm Cheeses

These types of cheeses get more recognized in everyday use. Edam, Emmental, and Cheddar are all considered semi-firm and among the best cheese in the world. You will also find some delightful meat and cheese pairings in this selection.

The dairy industry produces cheddar of varying ages and sharpness. Gouda and Gruyere have unique flavors that stand out as fine cheese on any plate.

Hard Cheeses

When it comes to complex types of cheeses, Parmesan and Asiago are the first that come to mind. These cheeses tend to flake or crumble when they get cut.

Padano is a delightful variation of hard cheese with a full-bodied, savory taste.

Choosing the Best Cheese

It might take years to discover your favorite types of cheeses. But the fun is in the trying and tasting. As your palate develops for more fine cheese, you may graduate to blue-veined cheeses.

Stilton and Roquefort have acquired tastes, so start slowly with affordable cheese. Then, when your tastebuds crave something more adventurous, give harsher cheeses a try.

Learning comes from experimenting. So if this dairy industry piece whetted your appetite, come back for more fine articles.

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