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Cot To Bed Transition With Peppa Pig | The Mum Diaries

If it is time to change your child’s sleeping habits and move them from a cot to a bed then you need to pay a lot of attention to the bed in which you buy. After all, you want to make this transition as easy as possible and thus buying any old bed simply is not an option. The Peppa Pig Toddler Bed with storage is a fantastic example when looking for your child’s first bed and this article will reveal exactly why that is the case.

First and foremost, Peppa Pig is a cartoon which is watched by many young children and has soared in popularity as of late. As you may imagine, the bed features several images of Peppa Peg and friends. This is something which will appeal to your child because they will be excited by the bed and even view it in the same way as a toy. Moreover, it makes them feel safer at bed time because they know that they are sleeping beside their favourite cartoon character.

In addition to this, the Peppa Pig Toddler Bed with storage provides a fantastic transition from a cot particularly because of the safety of the bed, especially when teamed with cot bed fitted sheets. This is represented via the side panels which are evident alongside the headboard. These are highly important because they ensure that your child does not roll out of the bed in their sleep and thus there are no nasty accidents.

The bed also comes with several little add-on features which make it a much more attractive alternative and set it apart from the other children’s beds on the market today. For instance, there is a shelf attached to the side of the bed which is the perfect place to keep a little drink should your child get thirsty during the night. Furthermore, there is a little cubby hole which is ideal for storing books and thus a bedtime story will never be far away.

In addition to this, the bed comes with storage possibilities, which is highly advantageous – especially when considering how messy children’s rooms can become with all of the toys they have lying around. There are two large storage drawers underneath the bed which make a great place for collecting toys, or alternatively storing your little one’s clothes.

It is worth noting the size of the bed so that you can plan whereabouts you are going to put it in the bedroom if you are considering buying, and thus the dimensions are as follows; 59 cm in height x 145 cm in length x 77 cm in width. Furthermore, this is a bed which is suited to any child aged between 18 months old and five years old.

All things considered, it is important to make a child’s transition from a cot to a bed as easily as possible, and the Peppa Pig Toddler Bed with storage ensures that is the case.

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