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Wedding Planning 101: Where to Start When Planning a Wedding

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It’s the day you’ve dreamt of since you agreed to start dating your partner.

You now have the engagement ring, and you’re ready to start planning a wedding. Well, you think you’re ready to start planning a wedding. Actually, the whole idea terrifies you.

Between the food, bar, dress, and everything else, you’re about to freak out. It’s overwhelming, and you don’t even know where to start.

Don’t worry because we are here to help. Keep reading below to discover where to start when planning a wedding.

Know Your Budget

The key first step to planning any large event, especially a wedding, is knowing how much you’re willing and able to spend. Don’t make any plans before knowing the numbers.

Looking at numbers might be a mood-killer, but you’ll be even more upset if your wedding puts you in the hole. Sit down with each other and decide how much you’re willing to invest. You may already have some family members who are wanting to help.

Consider things like dress price, venue rental, food, drinks, rings, and decorations. You’ll also need to know if you plan to do a large trip for your honeymoon or if you’re keeping it simple.

Once you decide a budget, be strict on sticking to it. Don’t go over, or you’ll be affecting future investments. Be diligent on searching for any great deals and packages to fit your needs.

Highlight Your Priorities

When planning a wedding, you have a million different moving parts. It’s important to keep in mind your priorities.

Come up with a list of about 5 things that you and your partner feel are a priority. This can include having a wedding on a certain date, getting married at a specific type of venue, or hiring an amazing videographer.

If you have a crazy ex-friend you’re trying to avoid, you can also look into wedding security.

Get Organized

One of the most important things in planning your wedding is being organized. This can be difficult for some people, but the organization is a lifesaver.

Use whatever works best for you! Whether it’s having everything written down in a planner and notebook or making countless Google documents and sheets, work with your style of planning.

Create a budget sheet and checklist of family members. Write a detailed list of all the groomsmen and bridesmaid, marking who’s for sure coming or not. Keep a contact book with all the numbers for your vendors.

Now You Know Where to Start When Planning a Wedding!

You now have a better understanding of where to start when planning a wedding so don’t wait any longer. It’s time to sit down and break out the pen and paper. Make sure you work with your partner on big decisions so there aren’t any arguments.

Always define your budget before making any big decisions. Many serious couples may start discussing this before the engagement. Once you decide on a budget, be sure to know your priorities and keep everything organized.

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