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Newton-Wellesley Hospital Introduces LogicJunction’s Indoor Navigation Platform to Help Visitors Reach Their Destination

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Newton-Wellesley Hospital recently launched a new wayfinding tool to help patients and visitors locate and navigate between departments and physician offices — making it much easier to reach appointments conveniently and on time.

Newton-Wellesley partnered with LogicJunction, a Cleveland, Ohio-based solutions provider to launch the indoor mapping technology designed to help visitors travel to virtually any destination at the hospital’s more than 1-million-square-foot facility. The tool can be accessed at and is available via mobile and web.

Visitors can view indoor maps and directions online or print them for upcoming visits.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital

“Most people likely have a lot on their minds when they visit Newton-Wellesley, but trying to find their way around shouldn’t be one of them,” said Dr. Michael R. Jaff, President of Newton-Wellesley Hospital, noting the potential challenges of navigating the sizable campus. “People use their phones to get most everywhere these days — why not their doctor’s office?”

In addition to offering easy-to-use, interactive maps, the service also offers:

  • Detailed, step-by-step directions from any street addresses — or location inside the hospital — to more than 500 points of interest on the main campus.
  • Directions that patients and visitors can take with them on a smartphone, in an email and as a print out.
  • Integration with Google MapsApple MapsWazeUber and Lyft, which enables seamless door-to-door directions to and from the facility.

Find Your Way Hospital Navigation

The web-based navigation platform is also accessible via mobile browser and is integrated with both GPS and rideshare platforms to support seamless home-to-appointment navigation.

“We’re so proud to partner with Newton-Wellesley — a health care organization clearly focused on innovation — to help bring a top-tier wayfinding experience to their patients and visitors,” said Mark Jowell, CEO of LogicJunction. “And a big part of that is integrating our platform with other aspects of the patient experience like GPS apps and ridesharing services to help patients seamlessly reach their destination.”

For Dr. Jaff, improving the hospital’s navigability is just one more way Newton-Wellesley Hospital continues to evolve to meet the needs of patients and visitors in a competitive health care environment. “Ensuring the best possible experience for everyone who walks through our doors is something we are intensely focused on at Newton-Wellesley Hospital,” said Jaff. “This tool is another example of that commitment.”

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