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Are you a fast fashionista, or a sustainable clothing warrior?

There is no wrong way to love fashion and clothing, but there are better ways to chase the latest fashion trend without harming the earth. Ecofriendly clothing is out there, and you can be a part of changing harmful practices in the apparel industry and look great doing it! The first step is knowledge, and understanding just what your options are.

Are you curious about how eco-friendly garments can really make a difference? Read on to learn a few ways to dress your best while keeping sustainable practices at the forefront!

What’s Wrong With Fast Fashion?

If you’ve ever shopped for an inexpensive new outfit at the mall, then you’ve fallen victim to fast fashion. In essence, this is the practice of quickly and cheaply producing “on-trend” clothing to sell inexpensively and at high volumes.

The Supply Chain

The problems with fast fashion begin with the supply chain. The cheapest materials come from the most exploited places. That means those who benefit the least from the practices experience the harshest punishment.

To produce fast fashion at such high volumes, workers in factories must create the pieces. These are often located in foreign countries with exploitative practices. Many of the cheapest fabrics are synthetic and require exposure to chemical processes that can affect the health of garment workers.

Individuals on the factory floor work long hours for little pay. Think about your inexpensive garment, and how little of that price goes to the person who actually made it. Often, the pollutants from those factories affect the communities of those exploited workers, contributing to poor quality of life.

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The Landfill

This clothing isn’t made to withstand wear and tear. Your fast fashion apparel might last for a night out or two. But then what?

Most of the cheap, mass-produced fabric is not recycled into new clothing. It becomes part of landfills and contributes to climate change. These practices are not sustainable.

Why Sustainable Clothing?

Sustainable clothing is high-quality clothing that manufacturers create with longevity in mind. Designers want the pieces to be versatile so you can wear them for years without going out of style. It uses better materials, including organic materials that are sustainably grown.

Sustainable fashion manufacturers make it a point to make every part of the process sustainable. They are more likely to train and employ artisans rather than stocking factories with underpaid workers. They help sustain communities, as well as the overall ecofriendly environment.

Sustainable clothing can be more expensive upfront, but it’s an investment in the planet and yourself. You will be throwing out less clothing, which means that you will spend less money over time.

Look Great – Change the World

Even a simple pair of shoes can be part of ensuring a sustainable future for the next generation. Choosing sustainable clothing is part of an important but quiet revolution. All it takes is a simple change in shopping habits.

Are you interested in learning more about manufacturing and where your clothing comes from? Check out the rest of the blog for more posts that might change the way you shop for good!

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