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Partyhat Group acquires subscription design company Koncepted

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Originally Posted On: Partyhat Group acquires subscription design company Koncepted


Partyhat Group, the international start-up incubator, today announced its acquisition of Koncepted, the subscription-based, on-demand design company. This acquisition will strengthen ties between both companies, which have collaborated since 2017.

Chris Berry, Co-founder & Managing Director at Partyhat Group, said: “I’m extremely pleased to welcome the many talented people at Koncepted to Partyhat. Koncepted has a proven track record of delivering best-in-class assets to its clients, which are situated across the globe. We have total faith in Koncepted’s ability to produce design assets with international appeal, and believe that this acquisition will accelerate the growth of Partyhat Group’s subsidiaries, in addition to bolstering Koncepted’s own position as a design company. I thank Jan and his entire team at Koncepted for what we’ve achieved so far, and look forward to our future collaborations.

Jan Markeljc, Founder & CEO at Koncepted, commented: “We at Koncepted feel that we’ve achieved great things working with Partyhat, and believe we’re better equipped than ever to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Our new relationship opens the doors to exciting opportunities as we prepare to scale to meet the requirements of Partyhat and its subsidiaries. Koncepted will continue to place the demands of our clients at the heart of what we do, in pursuit of our ambitions to become a world leader in subscription-based, on-demand design. These values are fully compatible with Partyhat’s own, and I am extremely excited for what the future holds for both organizations.

More information on Partyhat can be found on their website. For more regarding Koncepted, visit their website.

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