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Where Can You Buy Authentic Full Spectrum CBD Pods and Products?

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CBD pod users are increasing in numbers as days pass. Many studies have shown that the full spectrum CBD is much more effective than CBD isolate products. Many companies will add a small amount of CBD Isolate then dilute their product with MCT Oil, Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Having said that, there is an enormous number of people who are now becoming more educated and seeking full spectrum CBD to achieve relief from certain pains, conditions and an overall better mental quality of life. Full Spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids from the cannabis plant which work in sync with each other to act on the users endocannabinoid system and creates more on a therapeutic and calming effect.

That said, buying CBD from an ethical and authentic brand become very important as bad products can harm your health adversely and do nothing more than act as a placebo. However, recognizing authentic CBD remains to be a significant problem for all users. As the demand increases, countless CBD brands come onto the market with many new products very often. The question is, where can you buy the tested and certified CBD products?

Peac Labs – USA

Peac labs, pronounced “peace”, offers the first full spectrum CBD pod to hit the market and also offers full spectrum CBD oil and edibles. Their full spectrum vape pods contains CBD, CBN, CBD, CBG and many other beneficial cannabinoids. They sell at a comparably reasonable price compared to their competitors. Peac labs manufacture the products at an FDA registered facility in the USA. Production facilities in the USA are known for their quality parameters. On top, the company was established with a vision to serve their customers exactly what they are paying for; “what’s on the label, is in the bottle”. All the extracts are sourced in Colorado.

Range of Products

People prefer various intake methods based on their lifestyle and convenience. Peac labs offer CBD pods for people who love to vape CBD. If you are a food lover and if you want to add CBD to your food then you can obtain CBD oils that can be used to cook your favorite foods. If your a health advocate, you take oil on the tongue. If you’re looking for a yummy edible, you take Peac Labs’ delicious range of gummies. Undoubtedly, CBD oil is a great option for people who want to include CBD to their family’s diet for a healthier, happier life.

In addition, you can purchase Peac Labs’ products to enjoy the effect of CBD almost instantly. Equally, all of the products are highly portable and can be carried along anywhere. You can buy all these authentic and third-party lab tested CBD products for a great price from

Only Full Spectrum Distillate Vape Pod in the Market

Peac lab’s CBD pod is the only full spectrum pod in the market that contains CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN with less than 0.3% THC. It’s compatible with the number one vape device on the more and just the beginning of the success this company will see. Customers and businesses in the industry are calling it “the pod that tastes like a dab” as it has the same taste and calming effects as the marijauna dosing method called a “dab”. Effectively, adding the plethora of cannabinoids through one hit of a vape pen is helping thousands of users experience of more stress-free way of life.

Frankly, it’s near impossible to find an authentic brand that offers you all this in one pod. Further, their price point is surprisingly cheaper than their competitors and they give discounts to first time customers.


In point of fact, Peac labs has become internationally known for their full spectrum CBD pods but have evolved into a one-stop-shop for all tested and certified CBD products sourced from Colorado. In addition to the unforgettable taste, customers are experiencing the euphoric benefits of CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN together in a single vape pod only from Peac Labs.

As we speak, there are hundreds of CBD brands launching and manufacturing CBD products using unauthentic CBD extracts. It’s wise to do research before purchasing and to choose Peac labs as you can ensure the quality and amount of CBD that you are consuming through the QR codes on each package which will show you the lab results on the spot per that specific batch.

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