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Washington Redskins Blanket And A Dog On The Battle Field

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Washington Redskins Blanket

It is unusual to see a Washington Redskins blanket in a war zone. As I was studying my pictures of military service dogs I came across this one.

Soldiers learn to sleep whenever they get a chance. You never know when you will get to sleep again. So when you can you find a safe place and you try to rest for the next event.

Seeing soldiers sleeping in weird places and positions is common. What caught my eye was the contrast between the desert uniforms, the sheltering wall,  dry ground, and the bright blanket.

I wanted to share it with you because it makes me think of home.

The Battle Field

Our soldiers and their service dogs are working in some of the most inhospitable areas. It is often very hot during the day and very cold at night.  Because they never know when they will come under fire they have to wear body armor all the time.

There are no fixed battle lines. You never know who and where the enemy is.

When not under fire they are using their dogs to help locate bombs. Once the bomb is located it has to be disarmed and destroyed.

Danger is everywhere.

The Washington Redskins Blanket Was A Little of Home

Our soldiers have access to many things that were not available in the Korean War. They can now call home and even have facetime with their loved ones.

But they are still thousands of miles away and in a hostile environment.

Little things mean a lot. Having that blanket brought a little connection to home and perhaps some happy thoughts of a better time.

This is both a stress reliever and also at times increase stress.  It is always good to be able to talk to a loved one, but sometimes it makes you miss them more.

The Down Time

It is not all bad. There are times when you are not exhausted and can share the joy with others. Children and dogs are always fun.

Another thing that brings joy into the life of a soldier is letters from home. I have seen them read them until they wear out. It is not what is in the letter so much as the connection.

Anything from home is appreciated.

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