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Is Physical Therapy Right for You

Is Physical Therapy Right for You
If you’re experiencing back or knee pain, then you may be looking at the solutions available to help you alleviate your problems. While pain medication is often the most common solution provided by physicians, it’s only a short-term solution that won’t help with the root of the problem. As a result, you may want to consider seeking physical therapy instead.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a form of specialized care that helps you function and move better by easing the pain. It’s often used to rehabilitate your body after an accident or injury and can be used to improve your overall movement and ability. The service is carried out by a physical therapist, a licensed health professional that has studied extensively in physical therapy. They are often known as physiotherapists or PTs.

Their goal is to evaluate your condition and help you develop a suitable plan to relieve you of pain in your body such as your knees and your back. You can often visit a physical therapist without the need for a referral, but your physician may prescribe it if they deem it necessary to help you with your pain. While a physiotherapist won’t replace a doctor, it can offer you relief for body-related pain or for rehabilitation purposes.

Is Physical Therapy Right for Me?

It depends on your circumstances. To help you decide if it can be right for you, here are some of the biggest benefits of a customized physical therapy plan:

>>> You can eliminate or reduce the pain you’re experiencing. Physical therapy includes techniques that can help you reduce or even completely eliminate pain. This may include joint and soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound treatments or even electrical stimulation. These techniques can help restore muscle and joint function and reduce pain.

>>> You can improve your overall mobility. Whether it’s trouble standing due to knee pain or posture issues related to your back pain, physical therapy can help you stay mobile and correct posture-related issues. By customizing your individual care plan, you could improve your mobility enough that your pain subsides and no longer remains an issue.

>>> You can manage age-related physical issues. Age-related physical issues, such as arthritis, could result in the need for a joint replacement. However, effective physical therapy can help patients by managing arthritic conditions or even recovering from joint replacements.

>>> You could potentially avoid surgery. Surgery is often the last resort for dealing with pain in areas such as your back and your knees. However, physical therapy could improve your condition enough that you don’t need to go through surgery.

>>> You can manage female-specific conditions. Women-specific health conditions, such as pregnancy and postpartum care, can be managed with the help of a physical therapist.

In short, there are many benefits to physical therapy in both managing and preventing pain. Whether it’s due to your age, a recent accident or other health-related issues, physical therapy can be an effective way to help you manage the pain and mobility issues that you’re currently experiencing.


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