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Wasfi Joukhadar: The Rising Guitar Artist That You Need to Know About

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The guitar is a musical instrument that may initially seem simple initially, but in reality, only the most dedicated and passionate are able to master it. It is estimated that it takes at least 20,000 hours of practice before you can truly become skilled at this instrument and truly be able to call yourself an artist. One notable rising guitar artist is a Syrian man currently residing in Kuwait called Wasfi Joukhadar.

Who is Wasfi Joukhadar?

Wasfi Joukhadar is a rising star in the global music scene, in the past four months since launching his Youtube channel ‘Ultimate Harmony Classic’ he has over 160,000 views and over 7,000 subscribers. You may be wondering what is so special about Joukhadar’s videos? In reality, they are pretty simple, you will not hear Joukhadar speak or make any requests for you to like and subscribe. In the videos, he is fully immersed in his songs, often his eyes will be closed, he simply just lets his music speak for itself.

In the videos, you will see Joukhadar expertly handling a variety of different guitars, from the traditional guitars known as acoustic guitars, and then seamlessly switching to an electric guitar without compromising the quality of the song. Furthermore, he may mix in other instruments such as an electric keyboard in order to set the introductory part of the instrumental. It is important to stop and think about the level of skill that is required in order to so smoothly blend different sounds and instruments in such a delicate way.

The channel’s focus is on classical music, but this does not constrain him from remixing other popular genres of music and adding his own unique style to the songs that he covers and creates. In fact, Joukhadar would personally describe himself as a “symphonic progressive metal and flamenco musician”.

Bella Ciao by Wasfi Joukhadar

As of writing our report, Wasfi Joukhadar’s biggest song is Belle Ciao, which you can check out here. In case you were wondering, Belle Ciao in Italian means “Goodbye Beautiful”, and it is a song that was originally used in the 19th century as a form of protest by rice workers in Italy. The song’s latest statistics show that it has 56,000 views, coupled with 1,400 likes, all of which have been accumulated in just two months.

The song starts off slow with a high level of suspense that leaves the listener intrigued, in the video you see Joukhadar sitting down with an acoustic guitar, this suspense builds up for 41 seconds. Then the Syrian guitar artist switches to a bright yellow electric guitar that he uses to up the tempo of the song, thus delivering an exciting and action pact 1 minute and 40 seconds. In the comments, you can see people from Italy, Russia, the Middle East, and many other parts of the world enjoying the song. Showing that music really is a universal language, something that is ingrained in the motto of Wasfi Joukhadar’s music project, “Where words fail…music speaks”.

How Can You Get In Contact With Wasfi Joukhadar?

For Wasfi Joukhadar, music is his life, and part of that is making sure that future generations can also be exposed to the amazing and eye-opening world of music. This is why the Kuwait-based guitar artist teaches hundreds of students how to play the guitar. It is estimated that just in the last two months that he has helped over 300 students learn how to play the guitar.

Additionally, he is available for both public and private parties, where he will indulge you and your guests with his musical talents that have taken decades to achieve. Joukhadar is multi-talented in many forms of music as well as instruments which will allow him to illustrate any setting with his musical ability. Furthermore, you will not be just getting music, but you will be getting an experience and showmanship that you will never get by simply turning on the radio or playing music from your laptop.

Another way that guitarist Wasfi Joukhadar gives back to any aspiring artists or even artists that may be new to the area and do not have the required equipment is to offer paid music recording services. Therefore if you happen to be in Kuwait and in need of assistance in recording your music regardless of the genre, you may benefit from Joukhadar’s services.

If any of this interests you, then you can contact Mr. Joukhadar at 0096597690390 or [email protected], all of the updated contact details will be available here.

Furthermore, we have linked his social media and website if you want to check out his musical works and learn more about him:

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