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Warehouse Management Redefined: Reasons to Deploy QuickBooks

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Warehouse management is an essential component of any retail or wholesale business. Ecommerce businesses also have to maintain their warehouses to ensure timely order fulfillment.

A warehouse manager typically has to perform several functions including day-to-day logistics, warehouse audits, and inventory tracking. Thanks to progressing technology, all these functions can now be performed digitally using warehouse management systems.

The WMS technology is developed to help businesses gain a real-time snapshot of their warehouse status. It can track, monitor, and record every step from the point the stock arrives at your facility to when it’s shipped and delivered to a client or customer.

Modern businesses are digitally transforming. And hence, they need to be more proficient in SKU management, managing shipping, and maintaining larger warehouse facilities.

While digital businesses have simplified the ways you reach customers and sell products, it has increased logistics limitations. Businesses are better able to reach global clientele, however, not fully equipped to meet their needs. From shipping distances to resource availability, several challenges keep them from bagging desired profits.

Warehouse management is all about efficient bookkeeping practices and seamless inventory trails. Therefore, you must invest in an automated tool to increase your bottom-line profits and reduce business costs.

Redefining WMS with QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a cloud-hosted software product developed by Intuit. It was launched in 1992 and has satisfied millions of businesses to date. Want to know the reason for its sustained growth?

QuickBooks has managed to offer cutting-edge, relevant features and support tools to help businesses stay competitive. Designed to be the best inventory and warehouse management software, QuickBooks has quickly gained traction in attracting globally known business clients. Considering the potential of QuickBooks in warehouse management, business owners should consider investing in a reliable cloud-hosted QuickBooks product.

Features of QuickBooks

Several features are available in QuickBooks software systems that can help you optimize, streamline, and manage business warehouse functions.

1. Inventory Management

QuickBooks lets you organize and track materials by bin location. You can make several locations and categorize each product according to its type. This ultimately helps in quick status updates and goods retrieval when a customer makes a purchase.

2. Warehouse Layout

Using QuickBooks, business managers can get a holistic idea of preparing an efficient warehouse layout. This leads to quicker loading and offloading processes and also makes pick and pack hassle-free. Some common tools used in warehouse design features are wave picking and bin optimization.

3. On and Off Loading

QuickBooks allows you to ensure a frictionless movement of inventory goods. It helps you identify in-stock, out-of-stock, and expired items from quicker retrieval and replenishment.

4. Shipping and Order Fulfilment

Another reason to automate warehouse management with QuickBooks is to enjoy the easy bills-of-lading procedure. Before and after shipping, the software can create accurate shipping invoices, set payment reminders, and send them to buyers and retailers.

Benefits of Deploying QuickBooks for WMS

Here are some more reasons to choose QuickBooks for WMS:

1. Accelerate Bottom-Line Profits

Track and optimize raw material handling, logistics, shipping, and holding costs using QuickBooks. You can also streamline labor costs and ensure that each worker is duly paid. The automatic product updates in QuickBooks will keep decrease warehouse management while increasing profits.

2. Identify Efficiencies

A digital tool like QuickBooks isn’t just helpful in mitigating business risks. It also allows business owners to identify efficiencies. This leads to better, continuous business improvement. Automated builds and PO management leads to better production forecasts and resource allocation plans.

3. Automate Inventory Holding

From picking, receiving, storing, categorizing to holding and shipping stock, QuickBooks can integrate and automate your entire inventory system. Identify serial numbers, lot location, warranties, and returns.

You can even send pick and pack instructions from a remote location via smartphone. Moreover, QuickBooks also allows you to print shipping labels directly.

Thanks to AI, IoT, and machine learning, accounting processes can now be optimized without inputting tens and hundreds of billable hours.

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