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Your Guide to the Pros and Cons of Personalized Email Addresses

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A personalized email address can increase your credibility and memorability, but can also come with some negatives. Learn more about personalized emails.

There is no generation more attuned to phones than teens and Millennials. They’ll check their phones upward of 150 times a day! These alerts include 46% of all email, a lot of which gets ignored or deleted.

Imagine those were your email messages.

A personalized email could prevent your messages from falling to inbox blindness. It carries many great benefits besides standing out. Though, there are some downsides you should know about it before committing.

Personalized Email Addresses: Pros and Cons

We’ve all made some cringe-worthy choices during our online time.

An email address like xXx_v4mpireL0v3r_xXx is a cringe moment. It’s not the type of email you’ll want on resume submissions that’s for sure!

At the same time:

Doxing is a very real thing that transfers danger into the real world. And, it’s not just using your name as the email either. People can link common handles across other platforms to dig up your personal info!

Here are some other good and bad parts of using personalized email…

The Benefits of Personalized Emails

Besides not appearing cringeworthy — here are a few benefits:


You won’t find yourself stumbling to spout off the email when it’s personal. It’s not clunky, outdated, or embarrassing when saying it aloud. It’s also easy for others to remember especially if it’s linked to your website’s name/brand.

Stand Out

People receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails every day. Other messages from social media to texting competes for their attention. An email with your name, especially when they’re expecting it, will likely get opened.


A custom email address is great for branding whether it’s your name or that of your business. The recipient links the email to the business, site, or person. This is also great at helping recipients avoid confusing your brand with another.


One would expect a generic email to carry a generic message. Those coming from a custom email convey its sender took the extra step in quality. This sets the expectations from the get-go, which could boost open and click rates.

The Drawbacks of Personalized Emails

Besides exposing your personal info — here are a few drawbacks:


Email alerts are like someone walking into your cubicle to start a convo. Your name attached to the disruptive message could get the recipient annoyed. Their annoyance could create a negative image, one that’s hard to remove.


Simple throwaway emails are perfect when signing up for things online. Contrast this to a personalized email you probably won’t get rid of. Your inbox is now flooded with spam, making it a real chore!

Things Change

What if you change your name? What if the business the email is tied to goes under or changes ownership? You’re left with an email that doesn’t make sense. You’re somewhat stuck with it now that you’ve invested so much time into it.

Get a Great Email for Whichever Type You Choose

You’ll want a great provider whether it’s anonymous or a personalized email. This lets you enjoy the benefits no matter which email type you choose.

What better way to get complete control than linking your email to a website? Go now and register a domain and set up your email, today!

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