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Urban Safety Solutions Introduces Free Shipping On All Wearable Hidden Cameras And Mini Spy Cams

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How safe are you currently? There are a few ways of approaching this question. The first of which is probably looking around to ensure you’re safe. However, once you get past the top layer of this question, things get a little complicated.

For example, how safe you are could hinge on your gender, age, location, and so forth. For illustration, if you’re a lady, you’ll likely take longer to answer the question compared to most males. Moreover, as a lady, you might argue you’re never really safe since danger seems to be lurking.

If you’re leaving the nightclub early in the morning or leaving work a little later than usual, you’ll likely take a quick look around just to ensure you’re safe. Even in your apartment, you’re not really safe. According to statistics, burglars tend to scout houses where ladies reside. If you’re a college-going female or a young career lady, you’re especially the target of most of these attacks.

To make matters worse, there’s a lot of skepticism in society when a lady gets assaulted. Some of the horrendous questions you might be asked include what you did to provoke the attacker, how appropriately dressed you were, and what time it was. These questions then guide the approach taken by authorities and other relevant parties – which is often nothing done.

Even when you can prove that you were attacked, it can quickly turn into your word against the assailants. If the authorities take the word of the man, your case is quickly thrown out.

There is no one straightforward approach to tackling gender-based violence, especially against women. Ultimately, different players in the community need to pull together in order to end gender profiling and attacks. Urban Safety Solutions is keen on reducing gender-based violence through an array of ways, some of which will be covered below. For more information, you can visit the portal. You can enjoy free shipping on most of the items purchased at

What steps can the community take to end gender-based violence?


As mentioned above, there’s no one person with a solution to end attacks on women and gender-based violence permanently. However, the answer comes from each concerned party and stakeholder doing their bit. Here are a few of the practical tips the general community can adhere to when seeking to improve safety for all women.

1. Invest in practical infrastructure


As most ladies have found out the difficult way, walking alone in dimly lit places, public parking spaces, and even streets can be very unsafe. In many cases, you may be a few minutes away from being attacked.

With this information in mind, the community should invest in feasible infrastructures like putting up lights, using CCTV and mini spy cams, and employing more security personnel. One of the greatest risks to any criminal is the threat of being exposed. When these attackers and criminals see there are cameras and lights around the premises, they will think twice before attacking females in the area.

This solution is relatively simple yet also powerfully effective. If the thought of being exposed and caught can drive out attackers from an area, anyone will be free to walk around, regardless of the time. Moreover, this solution can be customized to fit any area. For example, a landlord can put up mini spy cameras from Urban Safety Solutions. Schools, restaurants, and other social environments can also benefit from CCTV surveillance. And with free shipping from, you can get the equipment delivered straight to your premises.

2. Pass strict laws on attackers targeting females


All criminals and lawbreakers ought to face the law and account for the deeds. However, if you carefully investigate matters on the ground, you’ll realize this is rarely the case, especially when women are abused. For example, numerous lawsuits have been thrown out after a woman went to complain she had been abused.

In some instances, legal authorities only take charge when there’s a clear case of documented abuse. Some women even have to result to recording the attack cases on nanny cams just to be believed. This should never be the case. While everyone should be deemed innocent until declared guilty, these should be steps protecting women against people reported to have abused them. For instance, one option can be placing a temporary restraining order until the case is finalized.

Additionally, when found guilty, these criminals should face the full force of the law. It is quite saddening to see serial women attackers who walk out after a slap on the wrist. With tough laws and measures in place, most attackers will avoid assaulting women. These laws should be passed both at the federal and local levels.

3. Cultivate a culture of believing women


Females should not have to include wireless cam built in dvr just to make a case. As mentioned above, there are numerous situations when women are not believed just because they lack evidence. Documented data reveals these women often end up being assaulted again since no one will believe them. This is usually the case when the abuse happens in a domestic setting.

While every case deserves to be investigated appropriately, it is clear that gender-based violence cases require special attention. If society can start taking women at their word, there will be significantly fewer attacks. As a woman, don’t feel shy about getting mini spy cams from in order to document assault instances. In most instances, wearable hidden cameras are admissible in court.

What steps can women take to safeguard themselves?


From the information shared above, it is clear that women face tough times when safety is concerned. The steps and actions outlined above shed light on what the community at large can do. However, if you look at the different action steps, you’ll notice that most of them need time to prove effective. For example, passing legislation is a process and could take anywhere from a few months t decades.

In the meantime, there are various steps you can take to improve your security regardless of where you are. With these steps, you won’t be worried about leaving work late or walking to the parking lot to fetch your vehicle. While these steps may not be applicable for everyone, they are intentionally general to help you customize them to fit you and your situation. These steps include;

1. Arming yourself with self-defense gadgets


As a woman, you can’t prepare for how every conversation or interaction will pan out. As such, the best course of action is always to be prepared. Realistically speaking, there will undoubtedly be a few times when you are caught out late or find yourself in a compromising situation. In these cases, self-defense gear can help you safely get out of the problem.

For example, if you’re walking home and it’s late, someone sketchy could try and approach you without your consent. With a defense plan and kit from Urban Safety Solutions, you can defend yourself and get away or call for help.

This, however, is not the only common scenario. Take an example where you’re working late, and it’s just you and a male counterpart in the office. The male colleague could easily take advantage of the time and situation to try and harass you. This could be verbal, sexual, or physical harassment. The following day, if you report the case, you might be asked if you have any proof of the allegations.

In such a scenario, getting wearable hidden cameras and mini spy cams can help you prove your case. It is noteworthy to mention that you can get cheap hidden cameras for college and young ladies from Urban Safety Solutions. Moreover, you can qualify for free shipping if you order through

2. Taking self-defense lessons


Mini spy cams like the pocket spy camera can help you prove assault and make a case for you in most courts. However, as outlined earlier, you have to wait for the wheels of justice to roll around to your case. And since the attacker will not wait, the next best step is to make sure you’re a walking weapon.

The abovementioned self-defense products from Urban Safety Solutions will help you quickly get out of a compromising situation. You can improve the efficacy of these products by learning self defense. Today, there are countless practical self-defense classes and lessons for women. These classes are tailored for the working woman, so you can still take the course even if you’re working or schooling.

Additionally, if you can prove that you genuinely feared for your safety in a court of law, the court will understand your actions. You can use gadgets like the pocket pen hidden camera to show you were in real danger before you attacked the criminal. As such, when you’re investing in wearable hidden cameras can do you more good than you could imagine at first.

Before leaving your door next time, consider getting a wearable hidden camera with the free shipping option. And with the many advanced options available today, you can camouflage the camera as an accessory or part of the attire you have on. An HD pen hidden camera built in dvr is a clear example of easy to camouflage wearable hidden camera. Other options include an HD eyeglasses hidden camera, a block USB wireless camera, a pocket clip hidden spy camera with built in dvr, or a simple spy cam built in dvr.

3. Reporting assault cases whenever they happen


If you believe the system is broken, you likely won’t turn to it for help, even when you ought to. For example, there are numerous rape cases that go unreported simply because the victims believe nothing will change. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. First, you should not discount the number of servicemen and women who are ready and willing to help. You could end up reporting the case and dealing with someone who wants to help you till everything is sorted.

Moreover, the more assault cases are reported, the more light is shed on the issue. Most of the data and statistics outlined above have greatly helped change the situation for numerous mothers, sisters, female friends, and women all over.

While it is true that the wheels of justice turn slowly, taking action against criminals helps turn the wheels a little faster. As you’re reporting these assault cases, you can use devices like a mini spy cam built in dvr or a cross hidden spy camera to record and be used as key pieces of evidence.

The most shocking realization, perhaps, is that these assault cases don’t just happen in the developing world. Initially, you may be misguided to think that these assault cases and attacks on women are less prevalent in the developed world.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. The number of instances denoting assault on women is similar in both developing and developed worlds. As a result, reporting the issue will go a long way in creating change both in the stable and upcoming regions.

What other situations can use a hidden camera?


Women are the pillars that hold the world together. It is only natural to focus on them when discussing safety and wearable hidden cameras. Moreover, championing the safety of women all over through self defense gadgets and wearable hidden cameras is at the core of operations.

However, there are countless people who could benefit from the free shipping provided on items such as hidden cameras. Some of the situations that call for hidden cameras will undoubtedly improve safety for others, including women. These situations are;

1. Buy spy cams for your restaurant


Any restaurateur knows of the value in every transaction. However, there are customers who’ll want to use your services then dash out without you knowing or noticing. There is also the other type who’ll try to downsize their bill by claiming they did not have some of the items listed on the bill.

You can solve these issues by installing a hotel room spy cam built in dvr. These easy to conceal cameras can be used in the case of a dispute. For instance, if a customer who’d previously escaped paying the bill comes back, you can use evidence of them fleeing to get them to pay up. You can also use the camera to confirm exactly what a customer ordered.

2. Securing your premises with hidden cameras


As noted above, certain institutions are crime hotspots. For instance, many criminals will target female-owned apartments and dorm rooms. If you have a case where an assailant has been hanging out near the premises, you can set up a dorm room spy cam built in dvr to capture and deter the criminals.

This will not only safeguard your students, but it will also improve general security within the premises. If a criminal knows they could be potentially caught on camera, they’ll stay away from the premises at all costs.

3. keep watch on your items


Do you have valuable items but cannot afford to spend the whole day watching them? A block USB hidden camera is a great way to safeguard your items. This block USB spy camera will not only act as a deterrent but, if anyone tries to mess with your things, you have the evidence to prove it was them.

A USB charger hidden spy camera built in dvr can give you peace of mind and allow you to go about your regular business freely. The better the cube hidden spy camera is positioned, the better an angle you’ll have to keep watch over your valuables.

4. Watch over your children and loved ones


Any mother will tell you that maternity leave is barely enough. By the time you get back to work, you might feel like you’re abandoning your helpless little child. And while they’ll have someone to take care of them, nothing equates to a mother’s love.

Additionally, the quality of care provided by a third party could be subpar. There are also cases where the nannies and caretakers are left to care for the baby out rightly abuse them. With a nanny cam built in dvr, you can now keep watch of your child and loved ones, even when you’re not physically with them.

5. keep tabs on your house


Burglars love empty houses as it often means an easy score with little-to-no resistance. As a result, many families get burglarized when they are on vacation or holiday. Most homeowners hire a house sitter to watch over the house to curb this.

If the house sitter is around and doing their job, you don’t have to worry about being burglarized. However, there’s no way to keep tabs on the house sitter or your home since you are away. And since you can ask your neighbors to keep checking your premises for the sitter’s presence every time they hear a noise, you can invest in a house sitter spy cam built in dvr. This camera will keep watch over your home and house sitter, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself.

6. See what your babysitter is up to


Sometimes, it’s hard to enjoy your night out knowing you’ve left the kids in the hands of a potential stranger. Sure, they may have babysat for you once or twice before, or may even be a recommendation, but it’s natural for a parent to worry for their child.

With the help of a babysitter spy cam built in dvr, you can check on your children and the babysitter when you are out. With this hidden cam, your babysitter will be more behaved and responsible when taking care of your children. That means no one will try throwing a party or invite their friends in your absence.

7. Watch over your sick puppy


Dogs, and especially puppies, can be sickly at first. This is especially true when they first come to new premises or when you move to a new house. This anxiety and lack of awareness can distort your dog’s senses and make them feel uncomfortable in the new environment.

You can take specific steps to improve their perception and make the environment more conducive to your canine friends. Some of these include keeping their favorite toys near them and feeding them as usual.

However, your dog can still feel out of sorts even with these steps. With a dog sitter spy cam built in dvr, you can closely monitor your pup and see how his condition progresses. This way, you’ll know when they take a turn for the worse and require help. In such a scenario, you can easily go home or get someone close by to tend to the dog or take them to the vet for a professional approach.

8. Monitor your pets at home


The past couple of years has seen a lot more people working from home as offices shut down for isolation purposes. This saw the rise in the number of people adopting and rearing pets since they have been proven to help with depression. Owning a pet comes with an array of advantages.

Unfortunately, many people have been gradually heading back to the offices in the recent past. While some have been able to find pet sitting solutions, others have had to leave their pets at home. Leaving your pet in the house all alone can be dangerous, both to the pet and your house.

Investing in a pet sitter spy cam built in dvr can help you monitor your pets remotely. You can now tell what your pets have been up to the whole day. Moreover, if the pet gets into trouble, you can easily sort the issue as you’ll be in the know.

Ultimately, there are limitless uses for mini hidden cameras in almost all situations. Whether you’re in the house, out walking, at work, or in school, there’ll be multiple times when a spy cam comes in handy. You don’t have to wait until that moment and live in regret; you can adequately prepare for such unforeseen moments by getting a spy cam now.

Urban Safety Solutions are unrivaled when it comes to wireless spy cams and hidden wearable cameras. The best part is these spy gadgets are not only affordable, but you qualify for free shipping when you use Put your safety in your hands today by investing in the market’s best spy cam and hidden wearable cameras.

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