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How to Get a Car Insurance After a DUI Conviction

Is your car like family?

Americans are spending so much time on the roads, they’re beginning to build close-knit relationships with their cars. A recent study shows that on average Americans drive 18 full days of the year.

Of those drivers, 64% say they consider their car to be a friend. Yet, even if you’re not best friends with your automobile, chances are you still rely on it to enjoy living your life.

Unfortunately, some drivers end up having to put their life on hold, all because they can’t find car insurance after getting a DUI. While finding car insurance after DUI may be difficult, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If you or a loved one are facing a DUI, the sooner you find adequate coverage, the faster you can be back on the road. Read on to learn everything you need to know about finding insurance after a DUI.

What a DUI Means for You

A DUI citation means that you were guilty of driving under the influence. Typically, DUIs occur when someone chooses to operate a vehicle while there’s alcohol in their bloodstream. The age of the driver can play a big part in whether or not the state chooses to pursue the charges.

You can also face DUI charges for refusing to consent to a breathalyzer. When this happens, you may also face other penalties for not fulfilling your responsibility as a driver. These extra penalties include things like losing your license.

Car Insurance After DUI

Not only do DUI’s cause a financial burden with legal fees, but they can also threaten your ability to drive legally. Here are some of the repercussions you could face after getting a DUI:

  • Further legal charges
  • Revoked license
  • Large fines
  • Canceled insurance
  • Increased insurance rates

If your DUI is recent, you might not be feeling the full weight of it yet. It can take time for certain consequences, like insurance companies dropping you as a customer, to take place.

Avoid False Hope

As if dealing with your DUI wasn’t stressful enough, some individuals find themselves also having to deal with false hope. It’s possible that your car insurance policy is still active and your monthly payments are remaining the same.

Yet, just because you still have car insurance, that doesn’t mean your DUI hasn’t affected your policy. Legally, car insurance companies aren’t allowed to cancel your coverage mid-policy.

Federal laws also prevent insurance companies from raising your rates mid-policy, in an attempt to get you to leave. Instead, your rates and coverage will remain the same after your DUI, up until your policy period ends. 

Timing Is Everything

The moment your current car insurance policy ends, your rates will either go up or your company will non-renew your policy. Take a moment right now to find out when your insurance policy expires and save that date on your calendar. You’ll need to find alternative coverage that can begin before your current car insurance policy expires.

Since your new insurance company and policy will most likely have high rates, time things so you can use up as much of your current plan as possible. For example, if your current car insurance expires on March 1st, that’s also the day your current company will cancel the policy.

You’ll need to have a replacement plan to become active on the last day of April at midnight. Cheap SR 22 Insurance, is one of the best ways to replace the coverage you already have in place. When you start shopping for insurance quotes, make sure you have all of the necessary information with you. You’ll need your driver’s license number, vehicle information, and current policy coverage documents.

Talk to Your Current Insurance Company

While the majority of car insurance companies will choose to not renew your policy, some are willing to work with DUI’s. We suggest you get ahead of things by calling your insurance company now and letting them know the DUI occurred.

Since car insurance companies run motor vehicle reports every year, they’ll learn about the incident sooner or later. Instead of instantly searching for a new carrier, start by speaking with your current provider.

Find out what your company does when someone has DUI and if there’s anything you can do to help increase your odds of getting your policy renewed. If your car insurance company says they can’t renew policies that have a DUI, at least you’ll know for certain you need new coverage.

Yet, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that your company’s willingness to work with DUI’s. For example, if your motor vehicle record was squeaky clean previously, your provider might be willing to give you another chance. 

Organizing Your DUI

So far we’ve been discussing how you can get car insurance after DUI. Knowing your current providers DUI policy, and when they’re allowed to cancel, can help you be proactive in finding the coverage you need. However, simply having the facts won’t be enough to help you move forward.

You’ll also need to make sure you have an efficient organizing system, that helps you keep track of everything DUI related. Rather than scrambling around, hoping you have the papers you need, keep everything in one convenient location.

Go ahead and find an old binder you can clear out, and use for your DUI papers. In this binder, you can keep a copy of your current insurance policy, any forms you need, and quotes from potential providers.

Need more ideas on how to organize like a professional? Check out our Writing section today!

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