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Depression Treatment Center

Are you battling depression? Common symptoms of depression like sadness and low energy can make it difficult to fight the illness on your own. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the US, affecting up to 8% of US adults every year. Call Lucida Treatment Center to learn about our depression treatment center in Lantana, Florida and begin your recovery today.

Symptoms of Depression

a man talking to a female therapist about Borderline Personality Disorder TreatmentDepression causes a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms including:

  • Persistent and/or intense sadness or low mood
  • Inability to enjoy hobbies, activities and pursuits you once enjoyed
  • Feeling distant from spouse/partner, family and friends
  • Difficulty communicating with others
  • Isolating yourself or wanting to be alone
  • Low energy
  • Loss of libido
  • Reduced productivity or other work/school problems
  • Inability to focus on tasks
  • Inability to finish projects
  • Changes in sleeping or eating habits
  • Aches and pains or digestive problems with no apparent cause
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

Types of Depression

Depression can develop as a primary disorder in response to a stressful or traumatic life event. Some people also have a higher risk of depression due to genetic or lifestyle factors.

Depression can also develop as a co-occurring disorder. For instance, depression can be triggered by drug or alcohol abuse or addiction. Mental illness such as an anxiety disorder, personality disorder or an eating disorder can also lead to depression.

Common types of depression include:

Major Depression: This common form causes intense and persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Other symptoms of major depression include feelings of shame and guilt, changes in sleep and appetite and fatigue or low energy.

Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia): Dysthymia leads to a low mood that lasts at least two years. People with persistent depressive disorder feel joyless most of the time and often have low self-esteem. Fatigue, appetite changes and sleep changes are also common.

Postpartum Depression: This kind of depression can develop during the first year after giving birth. Hormonal changes that occur during and after pregnancy are the likely trigger. Postpartum depression causes symptoms like those of classic depression.

Why Is Depression Treatment So Important?

Depression can have a major impact on daily life. It affects your ability to carry out normal activities and work productively. It may affect personal and professional relationships or your ability to enjoy life.

People with untreated depression also have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. In cases of severe depression, there is a risk of self-harm or suicide.

Lucida Depression Treatment Center Program

Before Treatment

People with a co-occurring alcohol or drug addiction may need to undergo a medical detox before they start their depression treatment program. In medical detox, the client safely withdraws from alcohol or drugs under medical supervision.

If you need to undergo detox before you come to Lucida, we can recommend a trusted local detox facility.

Your Depression Rehab Treatment Plan

Start your stay at Lucida with a personal assessment interview. At this interview, we’ll explore your personal, medical and psychological history to learn more about you and your depression. This approach helps us design a treatment plan that addresses your unique situation and needs.

We’ll assign a treatment team based on your assessment. This team includes a therapist and psychiatrist as well as one or more nurses. You’ll work with this team throughout your entire stay.

Residential Depression Treatment Center

Clients in our residential treatment program live at Lucida and enjoy a full schedule of recovery-focused activities.

At Lucida, we offer multiple kinds of evidence-based treatments, as well as alternative therapies. Individual and group therapy form the core of the treatment plan. Therapy and treatment options include:


We offer an aftercare treatment program to help our clients achieve long-term mental health. Once you leave Lucida, we’ll ensure you’re getting the support you need. We can help you arrange follow-up appointments and find support groups.

About Lucida

Lucida is in Palm Beach County, Florida, by the Intracoastal Waterway. Our residential depression treatment center clients stay in private or semi-private suites. Our modern, comfortable townhomes provide separate living quarters for men and women.

Regular physical exercise is proven to help support depression recovery. An on-site swimming pool and fitness center onsite help you get physically healthy.


Lucida offers multiple ways to pay, including private payment options as well as insurance. We partner with several in-network insurance providers as well as several out-of-network providers. We can confirm your insurance eligibility over the phone.

Getting to Lucida

Is traveling to Lucida going to be difficult for you? If you live out of town, we may be able to help you arrange your travel plans. We can also help with travel plans for your family or a traveling companion.

Help is Available. Call Lucida Today.

Living with depression is challenging. Depression rehab at Lucida can help you through this difficult time. Call our supportive team today at 888-693-1450 to start your journey toward recovery.

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