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Ultimate Swag Bag Ideas Guide: Create Amazing Custom Bags

The pressure is on. You have to create the perfect swag bag for your upcoming event, but you have no idea where to start.

What style bag should you get? What do you put into the bag? Where do you start and how do you get your bags ready to give out?

If you want to set your brand up for success, read on for some great swag bag ideas.  You’ll know what style bag to get and what to put in a swag bag so you’ll always be successful!

5 Killer Swag Bag Ideas to Get You Started

It’s time for you to decide what type of swag bag you want to make. But where do you start?

What type of event are you hosting? Let your event guide your bag. Look at your event and what you want your guests to feel and then plan around that.

Does that sound too vague? Every event and brand will be different, so you have a lot of creative flexibility to make the most of your bag.

  • Get a list of guests or a rough count of how many will be attending.
  • Create a budget and focus on quality over quantity.
  • Select a great bag that you can personalize and reuse afterward.
  • Knowing the size of your bag, focus on selecting a few useful items, and a few fun items to make a great impression.
  • Get some bag filler that is festive and fitting for your event to make your bag feel full and create a polished look to elevate your presentation.

What Style Bag Should You Use?

Make things easier and more exciting for your guests by providing high-quality, reusable bags.

Use at the event will help keep them comfortable, but use afterward will be free advertising for you. As more stores step away from plastic bags, give them a go-to bag for regular use. Each time our guest reuses the bag, they will remember your event and brand.

Here are some great bag styles that your guests will love:

What do You Put in Your Swag Bag?

When it comes to the swag in your swag bag, every item has the chance to be necessary and use, or unnecessary and unused.

Once you have your budget worked out, make sure that every item works for you and is something your guests will use.

Get your brand out in a big way with personalization on as many items as you can. Keep it tasteful, but don’t miss any opportunities to remind your guests who you are and what you can offer them.

When designing items, try to keep logos small to increase the likelihood of reuse. It’s also important to try to stick to higher quality items. Cheap products are better for the budget, but will most likely end up in the trash.

Lower Budget Items

If your budget is tight, consider items on the less expensive. Remember, quality is far more important than quantity!

  • Look at notebooks and pens.
    • When people attend an event, some of the most forgotten items are pens and paper. Take these items up a level by making them event specific and offer higher-end products your guests will be sure to use.
    • You can also play with this idea by offering adult coloring books and colored pencils for break times.
  • Would lanyards, bracelets, or other wearable items fit?
    • If your event requires a nametag, consider offering branded lanyards instead of pinned badges. You can also include other unique, wearable items so your guest can represent you during, and after the event.
  • Consider practical items like snacks, toiletries, or medicines.
    • Toss some non-perishable snacks, gum, mints, and candy into the bag to keep energy levels up. You can also toss in some travel-sized toiletries, hand sanitizer, and medicine to avoid discomfort while they’re away from home.
  • Remember kid-friendly swag.
    • If your guests have kids, their kids will love to see whatever mom or dad brought home from their event. Offer up fun or seasonal items that are kid-friendly as a bonus for attendees.
    • Things like puzzles, plush animals, storybooks (like kid versions of your information), or kits that they can assemble are sure to be a hit.

Higher Budget Swag

If you have a little more flexibility in your budget, think about items your guests may need during their visit with you. Necessity leads to use, so this is a great way to avoid the trash can.

  • Try reusable water bottles, straws, can coolers, or coffee mugs.
    • Help your guests stay hydrated with drinkware they can use and reuse throughout your event and after. Steer clear of cheap items, as these will most likely end up in the trash.
  • Get outdoorsy with sunglasses, umbrellas, ponchos, hats, sunscreen, and sweat towels.
    • If you’re hosting an event that is even partially outdoors, consider adding in some swag that will keep your guests comfortable in any weather.
  • Think of electronic items.
    • If you choose to go the electronic route, steer clear of anything that is brand specific. Chargers are great, but most brands have different chargers so they could leave some guests out.
    • Solar or battery pack chargers are perfect as the USB port allows the user to use their charger cord. Screen cleaners, cameras, and wireless headphones are great ideas too.
  • Get on them with branded, event t-shirts, sweatshirts, or other apparel items.
    • If your budget allows, consider adding shirts for your event into your swag bag. Guests can wear event shirts to show comradery and unity with their colleagues. Whatever style of wearable gift you choose, keep the logo small and tasteful for your guest.
  • Another great swag bag idea is to create customizable kits for your event.
    • Select a few items and then place them in killer packaging to impress your guests. Place information into the packaging to incorporate your goals into the kit. When selecting products for the package, pick items that create a unified story for your attendees.

Create Memorable Swag Bags

Don’t let gift bags for your guests be a last-minute dash before your event. Your attendees want to feel special and appreciated.

Show them how much you care with swag bag ideas that will delight them.

Contact us today for the perfect, customizable bag for your next event.

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