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Types of Dog Collars: Best Collars for Dogs Who Love the Outdoors

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious about dog collars. You may be filled to the brim with questions like, “what are the different types of dog collars?”

Or perhaps, “which dog collar is the best for a pup who loves to run and splash in the great outdoor terrain with me?”

Well friends, today, I’ll answer all this and more for you. Read on for the ultimutt guide on dog collar types for adventuresome dogs.

Are collars safe for dogs?


First things first, are dog collars safe?

When used properly, absolutely! In fact, your best pal needs a collar for several reasons, like hanging their leash, ID, and vaccination tag onto.

However, when used the wrong way, collars can definitely cause problems—even dangerous ones. Here are two very simple guidelines you’ll want to follow to make sure your delightful pup is safe and comfortable:

  • Measure their collar properly so it’s well-fitted
  • Pick their collar type carefully

What are the different types of dog collars?

The Everyday Collar

Your everyday dog collar is typically flat with metal buckles or plastic snap closures for quick release. They can also come in different materials, like leather for less hair-pulling or a nice, lightweight nylon.

This type of collar definitely has its purpose for a dog’s general collar needs. It can be both functional and fashionable, keeping your sweet pup properly identified and stylish.

The Slip Collar

A slip collar comes in a variety of materials and slips over your dog’s head with no buckle or snap attachment.

These make it easier to control your pup when they feel that particular stubborn determination to do whatever they like.

However, clip collars can easily cause problems like damaging your dog’s neck, so they’re not recommended for dog parents without proper know-how or outside of training purposes.

The Martingale Collar

Martingale collars are a combination of standard collars and slip collars.

When you tug on the leash, the collar gets smaller, making it a useful option for the mischievous pooch who tends to slip out of leashes.

These are also widely preferred over slip collars because they have a limit on how tight they can go, ensuring your doggy won’t face any neck damage or breathing issues.

These are an especially smart option for training purposes and walking your dog in a big, traffic-filled city as well.

The Waterproof Collar

For the brave outdoor adventurers, waterproof dog collars are one of the best collar options out there.

And may we say that the Pupups waterproof collar also happens to be the coolest dog collar around? Our waterproof leashes are exceptionally easy to clean and made to last longer (really, what is this magic?).

Plus, not only do they keep off the rain and mud and any other wetness from the great outdoors, but they’re also smooth, lightweight, and stylish. Your pup will feel confident and comfortable as they take on the world.

The Prong Collar

Prong collars, also called pinch collars, work by pinching your dog’s neck with metal prongs whenever they pull on the leash.

The theory behind this is that your dog will be trained faster to stop when your direct them to by feeling a pinch of pain if they resist. This just causes your dog unnecessary pain and frustration, though, so they’re really not recommended.

The SPCA explains more about why you shouldn’t use prong collars here.

The Harness

The harness goes around your pup’s chest and stomach, and it clips either on their back or chest. For short-nosed dogs, like pugs, and dogs with airway problems, back-clip harnesses are a particularly good choice. The leash can easily be clipped onto the harness as well.

Harnesses are also considered to be an awesome option for the dogs who love to pull; though, funnily enough, they can also encourage pulling in turn.

The GPS Collar

It’s a great time to be a dog pawrent, companies such as Fi Dogs are looking out for our four legged pals. With GPS units that alert you if your pup ever wanders out of your yard, they give you peace of mind that if your best friend is ever lost, it will be easier to get them home. Another cool perk about Fi Dogs is their built in exercise tracker, now even the laziest pups has the inspiration to get up and out on a daily walk with their fave human. Keep an eye out, Pupups is hoping to become an official Fi-maker soon, which would offer the best of both worlds: Pupups Waterproof collars + Fi GPS trackers, it’s a match made at the dog park.

Final notes

The best dog collar is the one that’s comfortable, functional, and fashionable too. Moreover, it should fit the lifestyle of your adventurous floof.

As you run and frolic through the fields with your best friend, make sure they’re as close to you as possible to avoid pulling and strain on their neck.

Of course, you want your pup to feel comfortable and pawsome in their collar while going about their legendary journeys.

For these daring doggos, the waterproof, stink-free, and sturdy dog collar is easily your best bet. Likewise, their leash should meet the same criteria.

If you want to learn more about choosing the right leash for your dog too, then we got you. You can read all about the types of dog leashes here. 

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