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How to Make the LinkedIn Algorithm Work For You in 2019

Did you know that LinkedIn has a user base of 630 million people?

Because of its massive install base, LinkedIn can be a great way to promote yourself through content, job postings, and more.

But before you reach your audience, you’ll have to first beat the dreaded LinkedIn algorithm. Here’s everything you need to know about the algorithm, along with some tips to help your content rank higher.

Remember Why People Use LinkedIn in the First Place

When you first head to your LinkedIn homepage, you’ll notice that it bears a striking resemblance to Facebook. That doesn’t mean that people use LinkedIn in the same ways they use Facebook, though.

Above all else, LinkedIn is a social site directed at professionals and job searchers, not the general public. In fact, despite its relatively small user base, LinkedIn is the top social site used by recruiters.

So, ideally, you won’t post the same type of content you would on your personal blog or Facebook page. Keep it professional and make sure your content aligns with your business goals.

Be Thoughtful About What You Post

The LinkedIn news feed algorithm is even more complex than what you’d see on another social site.

LinkedIn’s use of human editors sets it apart. You can’t just spam keywords or scrape content from others.

Everything that makes its way to your LinkedIn feed does so by design. The algorithm itself goes through the following steps:

  • Content creation and display
  • User flaggings like views and likes
  • Content filtering
  • Human editors

You’ll have to be thoughtful, unique, and tactical about what you post.

As experiential marketing agency Mouse Marketing points out, the best way to win consumers over is by doing so with a persuasive, compelling message.

Post During the Right Times

Since LinkedIn is a social site aimed at professionals, it makes sense that most of its users would be most active during the business day.

If you’re posting your content in the evening or early morning, don’t expect to generate much traffic. Instead, publish mid-morning once people are awake and ready to work. Or, during the early afternoon just after lunch, when most people check their emails and social pages.

Make Use of LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content Opportunities

If you have some cash to spend, it may be worth looking into LinkedIn’s dedicated Sponsored Content program.

This program works a lot like Google Ads. You enter some information, such as your budget, content type, and target audience followed by an end date for your campaign.

You then place bids against other Sponsored Content participants for placement on your audience’s feeds.

Making the LinkedIn Algorithm Work for You

Using LinkedIn takes some getting used to, especially if you’re using it to promote your content. Since the LinkedIn algorithm can be more than a little tricky, don’t be surprised if it takes some time to see the fruits of your labor.

In the meantime, focus on creating sharp, professional content that resonates with your audience.

To learn how or for more tips on using social media for business, keep checking back with our blog.

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